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The picture above is a great example of conformity in the 1950s. On the left, the girls are all very conservative and innocent lookng (smiles and crossed legs), they all have short and curly hair, and they all wear the same formal type of clothing (skirts and blouses). On the right, the boys all look very sophisticated and poised, they're all wearing formal clothing as well (buttoned shirts, sweaters, and ties), and they all have the same short and "buzzed" type of haircut.
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The picture above shows what success looks like in the 1950s. There are multiple different couples shown across the lawn of a large house with a beautiful yard of green grass. The sky is blue and the sun is shining, making it look like they have a perfect life. At the time, if you had a happy family, a nice house, and a nice car, you were successful.
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This picture shows a happily engaged man and woman. In the 1950s, divorce was frowned upon and the ads only portrayed happy, attractive, wealthy couples. They show these beautiful diamond rings and try to make you think that if you buy them, you will be a happy and successful match in society.

50's Mold

It is the 1950s and my family is falling apart. My parents are getting a divorce and everyone at school is treating me differently and looking down on me like they're so much better than me. We were not a very wealthy family to begin, we didn't have a nice house or a nice car so we were already behind the game. This makes me feel very out of place and sad that this effects how my family is shown in society. I'm not sure who could help my family, my parents need to work things out and find better jobs to fit the mold of this time.