2016 presidental campaign

What you need to know about it

Who will win

The Presidental election is on the rise and the most likley one to win will have the most money. Now keep in mind that I'am not saying that there going to go up to some one and pay them no. There going to use ther money from anywhere from paying for trips to public appearance and anything else they think will help them win.

Which person is most likely to win

The canadate that is most likley to win is the canadate that will get the most electoral votes. In order to do this he or she will have to focuses there time on there campaning by doing public speeches and other things like advertisements on tv and radio . This of corse is to pureswae the public into voting for them by making you belive that they are the best person for the job. In truth its just like properganda they will say that this guy did this and this guy did that so just make sure you can tell the difference between fact and fiction.

By Tony Scudder