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Skills for outdoor education


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when using a knife to make a fire you cut it into the corner of the piece of wood and hammer it with another piece of wood and you put the knife into the holder when your done.

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skills for outdoors

With knifes we learned to put them back into holder and look after them. With the knifes we made tinder and learn to cut wood. Also we learned how to make kindling and then we lit it with matches.


For fishing the skills we learned was how to cast a rod choose the proper rod the rod set up. First we tried casting it on the shore with a weight so it does not get stuck on something then we casted into the water with a lure. Also for safety we had to be one fishing rod apart from each other stay between the signs and we had to stay off the docks.
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rock climbing

For the skills we learned how to put the harness.Also we learned how to work the ropes to prevent us from falling.We learned two more things they were how to use an arresting device and using proper footwear to fit
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