American History 1

Dawson Walker

5 important people

George Washington- A founding father, first president of the United States, and also played a major role in the american revolution.

Thomas Jefferson- Wrote the the declaration of independence and was the third president of the united states

Abraham Lincoln- sixteenth president of the United States, Wrote the emancipation proclamation, very important in the freedom of slaves

Nat Turner- Abolitionist

William Penn- founded Pennsylvania, a colony based on Quaker religion

5 Important Places

Gettysburg-The bloodiest battle in the civil war

Jamestown- The first colony founded in america

South Carolina- The first state to secede from the union, also held the first battle of the civil war

Philadelphia- Held the constitution convention

Yorktown- the final battle of the revolution

5 important inventions

cotton gin-Helped produce cotton and make it quicker

Telegraph- Helped distribute info and ideas quicker

Railroads- a quicker method of transportation, Helped tremendously in the civil war

Barbed wire- a form of protection for cattle

mini ball- a new form of a bullet that did way more damage to your enemy

5 important conflicts

North vs. South - a huge conflict over slavery and if it should be abolished or not

Fights with Native Americans- When trying to expand westward colonist had conflicts with native Americans over land

French and Indian War- British fraught to keep N. America

Whiskey rebellion- colonist rebelled about taxes being put on whiskey

Tea act- Taxes were placed on tea so colonist dumped tea in the Atlantic ocean