Move to my Region

By: Cassie Carr


I have lots of ideas for my region. To have only school on Monday, Wednesday, and every other Friday. Not on holidays. The grades are for Elementary school it's K-5, Middle school is 6-8, and High school is 9-12. I hope that your kids will like the school plan as much as I do.


There is warm summer, it's warm enough that you can go swimming in the summer. In the winter is cold enough that you can go sledding. The snow won't be an issue for school. There is nice dirt for growing crops and planting a garden and if you like mountains. There is some mountains in the other side of the region


The economy is that your taxes are lower than a normal region. My economy is based on if you an upper and lower class. That is based on how much you make at work. There is not really a big deal with the economy.


There is many day jobs and there is some night schools if you work during the day. Some jobs are engineering , farmer, and some many more choice. Like, my job would be the mayor of the whole in tire region.


All religion is aloud here. I think that instead of fighting over the religion, we should alway all people with not rights of what the believe in.