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AAA News You Can Use-February 15

How can we use questions to #GoDeeper?

As we continue our quest to go deeper and design lessons that that take students to the next level, think about using questions. A February article in MindShift, lists 5 ways we can help students become better at asking questions:

1. Make it safe

2. Make it cool

3. Make it fun

4. Make it rewarding

5. Make it stick

Find out more in the full article by clicking the link below:


Mrs. Campbell is a great resource for #GoDeep in your classrooms. When she visits K-5 classrooms for talent development, take the opportunity to preplan and debrief lessons with her. Our goal is for you to support her instruction by taking an active role in the lesson and for her to support your instruction by making connections to your content.

Common Planning Times

Please plan to meet this week with your grade level in one of your classrooms. Take note of things in the room. Do you see anything you could use in your room?

Kindergarten-Tuesday, 9:55 Focus on Writing

First grade-Wednesday, 11:50 Focus on Writing

Second grade-Wednesda, 12:20 Focus on Writing

Third-Wednesday, 1:20 Webb's DOK

Fourth-Tuesday, 10:30 Webb's DOK

Fifth-Wednesday, 11:20 Webb's DOK

Sixth-Tuesday, 9:00 Strategic Lesson Planning

Seventh/Eighth-Thursday, 9:00 Strategic Lesson Planning

One person from your team needs to send me a brief account of your learning.

Black History Month

Please send me a list of the ways your class/grade level is celebrating Black History month. (You can compile during your team meeting.)

Next Steps for Equity at AAA

Please take a few minute to complete the survey to assist our Equity Team in planning next steps for our school.

Congratulations! Huntsville Symphony Orchestra Guild's 2016 Art Contest

Caden Roberts has won 3rd place

Makayla Hicks has won 5th place

Great PD opportunity at Merts on Thursday!

"PD Thursday" is February 18th from 3:30-5:00 in Blue Room.
The focus is Blended Instruction. Topics include:
• Nearpod
• Socrative
• Story Kit
Please bring your laptop or iPad.


HCS will start taking up all Pearson textbooks this summer. 5-10 copies of each textbook will be left in the library for use. We are now in year 4 of our digital conversion and need to complete the conversion. Please start ensuring that all textbooks are accounted for as the schools will be accountable for any missing books.

Peter Pan Tickets are BOGO for AAA students, families, and faculty!

Huntsville Ballet Company is offering a special buy-one-get-one-free opportunity for all AAA students and faculty to attend their exciting high-flying adventure ballet, Peter Pan. Performances are at the VBC Concert Hall on Saturday, April 9 at 2:30 and 7:30 and Sunday, April 10 at 2:30. Please visit Huntsville Ballet or call 256-539-0961 for tickets or further information.

This Week at a Glance


  • Wellness Screening
Wellness screening will be from 8-11 in the Small lab. The sign up sheet is in the bin outside of the nurses office. Please do not take the sign up sheet it needs to stay in the bin.
  • Black History Program: 6-8 grade come as HR at 8:10, PreK-4 come at 9:15
  • Committee Meetings as needed...look for further info from your committee chair

  • Freckle Day
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February 26-Kim Estelle

Dismissal Duty for this Week


Walk Ups

Mills, Roberts, Schertz


Fletcher, Lang, Frevert, Goodwin

(One things are settled inside-please send one teacher outside to assist in loading cars)



(This teacher should check cafeteria each day for students that need supervision until their after school activity begins. A teacher will arrive to get them by 3:15. We have not had may after school events but they have started up-math team, robotics, rehearsals, etc)

STAR Progress Monitoring this week: math

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Don' Forget and Things To Do!

  • Please be aware of instructional assistants' schedules in the afternoon. They may need to clock out-be prepared to assume their duties.
  • Make sure that inside windows to your classroom provide an open view. Unless an intruder alert has been issued, your classroom window/door should not be obstructed.
  • Getting away from your desk/teaching station by making a walking loop around your classroom throughout instruction will improve student engagement and classroom management.
  • Remember that ALL visitors must enter through the main lobby. Remind students they should not open doors. We have had 2 families that have been let in the building. If you see someone that does not have a sticker or badge, escort them to office or call for someone to escort them.

Lesson Plans

Please make sure that your lesson plans are completed by the beginning of each week and easily accessible in your room. The following is an excerpt from the AAA Handbook:

Lesson plans are a professional responsibility of the teacher. These plans may be kept in a traditional lesson plan book or generated on the computer. They will be organized in a format so sequential plans may be reviewed, at any time, by an administrator upon request. Plans need to be made at least one week in

advance. Documentation of required standards is important to log in throughout the school year. Lesson plans should follow the curriculum and /or pacing guides established by the HCS district. Technology standards taught or embedded in lessons should be included in lesson plans.

Achieve the Core-

Massachusetts's model curriculum unit-

New York's curriculum modules-