Banksmeadow Public School

Staff Bulletin Term 4 Week 7 - 17 - 21 November


Sharen LSL - returning Tuesday

Painting - normal playground routines continue to be disrupted

Mon 3

  • 9am - Assembly in hall
  • 9.30am - Fire Brigade visit to Preschool

Tue 4

  • 8.15 - NO L&S team meeting - Student review meetings (8am - 10am)
  • 3.15pm - Staff Meeting - eEmergency training (I will attempt to put a link on MyPL so everyone can enrol)

Wed 5

  • 8.15am - Exec meeting
  • 12 - Assembly
  • 3.15pm - Preschool Staff Meeting

Thurs 6

  • 8.15 - Staff meeting
  • 10.30am - Fire Brigade visit to Preschool
  • Yr 6 Ice block stall
  • Staff Meeting - complete (hopefully) the Vision Statement

Fri 7

  • PSSA Sport

Annual School Report (ASR)

ASR reports should be placed in the "ASR 2014" folder on Staff Share. It would be appreciated if the reports could be completed by the end of Wk 8 - 28 November.

If you have any photos to compliment your report please place them in the folder clearly named so they will be easy to insert into the report.

Presentation Day Awards

  • Please think about and complete class award nominations so certificates can be prepared.

Clean Up

Don't forget to complete the clean up of your classroom and surroundings. Any broken electrical equipment needs to make its way to the old hall for the council pick up by Friday 21.

Information from last Thursday's meeting

  • On Friday the locksmith completed an audit of all the school locks and padlocks. He will now upgrade some locks and padlocks and every staff member will be issued with ONE key that will open all exterior and most interior doors and all padlocks. This will include the band room, Preschool, hall, library, sports storeroom and demountables. In other words no more having to ask for keys. The keys can not be duplicated without authorisation and there will be a key register.
  • Next weekend part of the old hall will be annexed in preparation for the conversation to a disabled toilet and shower. All furniture in that area will be moved. Can everyone refrain from sending "unwanted goods" to this area. There are currently some good red office chairs in the old hall. Please feel free to grab one for your room.
  • We are coming up to the school financial roll over at the end of the month. If you have been reinbursed for purchases you have made please cash the school cheque ASAP. If you want to claim reinbursement please do so ASAP.
  • Tree pruning and some tree removals will begin Monday 24 November - just to add to the painting chaos!!

Upcoming Events


Mon 24 - reports to supervisors


Tues 9 - Year 6 Farewell

Wed 10 - Preschool Concert (Part 1)

Thurs 11 - 9.15am Presentation Day

Fri 12 - Semester 2 Reports go home

- Preschool concert (Part 2)

Mon 15 - 1.30pm School concert

Tues 16 - Day out to the movies

Wed 17 - Talent Fest & class parties (last day for students)

Thurs 18 & Fri 19 - SDD