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The perception: Since the birth of the Internet, We have Shifted from Regional to a ‘Truly’ Global Economy

Particularly when it comes to e-commerce, one would assume that today, anyone can buy or sell in a completely ‘borderless’ digital world. From global marketplaces like eBay to Amazon to Alibaba, why even question this assumption?

Reality: Due to Increasingly complex regulatory, cultural & technological domestic obstacles, we are not quite there just yet.

Credorax Picks Up, Where eBay & Amazon Left Off – Globally

Credorax, the first truly global digital Merchant Acquiring Bank, will bring together a group of International business trailblazers and thought leaders to make it happen: By coming together as an industry, these ‘disruptors’ are smashing regulatory, cultural and technological barriers to create a frictionless global economy.

Credorax’s role?

By securing ‘global-domestic’ banking licenses across three continents and almost 30 countries, coupled with creating the first single, payment ‘exchange’, any consumer/business – regardless of their demographic or socioeconomic status - can effortlessly partake in the global economic marketplace. Yes, that means from Baby Boomers to Generation Z to large enterprises to stay-at-home entrepreneurs, anyone can buy or sell from anywhere.

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Tuesday, June 16th, 10am

Hotel Mondrian, London, United Kingdom

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