Preparing to Return

Resources for both virtual and in-person students

Dear Families,

This newsletter will provide you with the information you and your child need to have a successful transition during the next few weeks. As you know, we are preparing for our return to our in-person learning and it is imperative that both our virtual and in-person students have this important information.

All students will start their new schedules on Feb 22nd. To see your child's new schedule, please click on this link to see our school's schedule.

If your child is changing classroom teachers, you will receive an email from me on Feb 15 letting you know that your child will be changing teachers. Then from Feb 15-Feb 17, your new classroom teacher will reach out to you.

We will have a transition event on Feb 17 for our students who will be returning in person. This is a time that students can bring their school supplies. Please have those supplies in a bag with your child's name labeled on the outside.

Your Partner in Education,

Rebecca Roper



Please see this document for our school calendar (this is for both in-person and virtual students.)

School Wide Dates

Feb 15: Early Release (Virtual day ends at 11:00)

Feb 17: In-Person Transition Event

  • Kindergarten 2-2:30 in bus loop
  • 1st grade 2-2:30 in parking lot
  • 2nd grade 2:30-3 in bus loop
  • 3rd grade 2:30-3 in parking lot
  • 4th grade 3-3:30 in bus loop
  • 5th grade 3-3:30 in parking lot

Feb 18: School Pictures (sign up link)

Feb 19: School Pictures(sign up link)

Feb 22: New Classes begin, New schedules begin, In-Person for k-2 and Virtual for 3-5

Feb 23: In-Person for k-2 and Virtual for 3-5

Feb 24: Wellness Wednesday (virtual learning 8-10 am)

Feb 25 &26: (virtual learning for all students)

March 1 & 2: In-Person for k-5

March 3: Wellness Wednesday (virtual learning 8-10 am)

March 4 &5: (virtual learning for all students)

In-Person Learning continues for the remainder of the year on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Wednesday, all students will be virtual for Wellness Wednesday.

School Supplies

Below are our school supply lists from the beginning of the year. We have about half the year left and your child will need about half the supplies on this list! Headphones are a huge need as students will be attending library, art, music, and PE virtually, as well as will be receiving some instruction virtually.

If able, please bring school supplies for your child to our transition event. We are asking that supplies be in a bag and labeled with your child's name on them.

Due to COVID, school supplies will not be shared this year. Your child's teacher will reach out to you if your child needs additional supplies.

Link to school supply lists

Resources for returning to In Person Learning

Watch these videos for returning to In Person Learning

Videos are embedded in this Google Slides show. We encourage you to watch all our videos. If your child is a car rider, please review the parking lot video as we have made changes to our traffic flow.

One Page Guide

This document has our school hours and information school information for you to reference.

Family Reference Guide

This document will provide you details about each part of our school day.


Bus Riders: Bus information will be available in Rycor soon. When that information is available, I will let you know.

Car Riders: Make sure you have your car rider sign daily for after school pick-up. Please put your sign in your passenger side window.

Here is the map of our new parking lot traffic pattern.

Big picture