Media Minute

OMS & OHS Library Media Newsletter

Things Mrs. McCarty can do for you:

  • Assist with research
  • Talk about books
  • Teach web programs and tools
  • Teach and assist with green screen projects
  • Help troubleshoot technology
  • OHS - Connect students with a peer tutor
  • Purchase books you want available in the library! I love getting suggestions from students and teachers! Please e-mail me suggestions!
  • Design tutorials and lessons
  • Order books, videos, or other materials from the MORE system
  • Compile websites, books, and e-books for your class assignments
  • Co-Teach lessons/units- I specialize in inquiry/problem based learning and technology integration (in your classroom or the library)!
  • Find ways to connect your classroom beyond our walls with videoconferencing.
  • Find ways to share student work with authentic audiences!
  • Support curriculum through extended and personal learning opportunities with our library competitions! If you have ideas, send them my way!
  • Plus much, much more...

Tech Tip: Add to your toolbox!

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Use to create professional looking:

  • posters
  • locker signs
  • brochures
  • flyers - Example
  • info-graphics - beginning this year, all 6th graders will be familiar with Canva and infographics.
  • resume's
  • certificates
  • presentations
  • invitations
  • post cards
  • ads
  • social media posts
  • magazine and book covers
  • and much more!

Choose from hundreds of professionally designed layouts, or work from scratch!

Great for educational and personal applications!

Video Tutorial/Overview

For Teachers: Teaching materials and Lesson Plans for using Canva

Schedule a tutorial or learning session with Mrs. McCarty if you are interested in using it for your classes or clubs!

Research Tip: Add Inquiry and Problem Based Learning into your curriculum this year!

Check out Tony Vincent's article "Crafting Quesitons That Drive Projects" for project ideas, question examples, rubrics, & mind mapping tools.

As always, I am happy to help design and/or collaborate on inquiry and PBL units in all curricular areas!

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Our eBooks can be read on your computer, phone, tablet or eReader. Try one today!

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The library media newsletters will be sent throughout the year to share opportunities and resources available for students and teachers.