Sounder project

By: Sierra K. 6-1


  • My theme is Perseverance. Sounder showed perseverance because he couldn’t stop trying to survive. The Mother showed perseverance because she had hope that the father will come home again. The father showed perseverance because he wouldn’t stop trying to get back to his family. The boy show perseverance by looking for his father nonstop.


  • Mae C. Jemison was an astronaut. She studied chemical engineering at Stanford University at age sixteen. After graduating she went to Cornell University to get her medical degree. She worked as a doctor and a Peace Corps volunteer before joining NASA’s astronaut program in the late 1980’s. She was the first african american woman to go to space in 1992. She spent eight days orbiting earth and conducting experiments.

Summary and Reasons

A dog looks for it’s owner. The owner is in a hospital. The dog finds the owner in the hospital. The owner is reunited with the dog. The dog went at least fifteen block to find the owner.

Similarity to sounder and master

  • The first reason why sounder and the video are similar is, that the dog looked for it’s owner, sounder chased the wagon his owner was in. The second reason is that, the dog loved it’s owner, sounder loved his owner, both of the owners loved their dogs. The third reason is that, both of the owners got taken away from their dogs.

Anticipation guide

    • A poor person who steals food should not be put in jail. I agree. Here are some reasons why I feel this way. First reason is that a poor person can’t afford to buy food, but they still have to get it some how. The second reason is that, people need food, it doesn’t really matter to them how they get it. The third reason is that, a lot of people would do the same thing if they were hungry, even you!

    A Father, a daughter, and a dog.

    • A simmilarity is both Sounder and Cheyenne died soon after their master’s death. Another similarityis that Sounder’s master and Cheyenne’s owner died while they were sleeping. A difrence is that Cheyenne was a therapy dog, but sounder was a hunting dog. Another difrence is that Sounder’s master was in bad health and was young, but Cheyenne’s owner was old and had bad health

    The End!