Pope Panther News

January 2016

2015-2016 Spelling Bee Goes 32 Rounds

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Winner: Shreyan Katta

Runner Up: Shiv Palla

Spelling Bee Qualifiers

Congratulations to all our 2015-2016 Spelling Bee Qualifiers

3rd Grade

1. Jude Ramcharitar

2. Julian Fang

3. Trisha Darure

4. Kathleen Barron

5. Manasvi Jonna

6. George Oh

4th Grade

1. Shiv Palla

2. Noah Patel

3. Aiden Jackson

4. Samuel Choi

5. Rajvi Mishra

5th Grade

1. Hussain Rangwala

2. Shreyan Katta

3. Tania Alenchery

4. Julia Noetzli

5. Jada Armstrong

6. Tarun Manoharan

7. Emma Cheng

8. Dillon Crozier

Pope Procedures Re-visited

Transportation Changes

Everyday our front desk recieves a large number of transportation changes. In order to make sure students go home correctly and safely, we request that no changes be made to your child's transportation after 3:00 PM. When making a change, we prefer a parent note. When parents send e-mails, we do not always get the e-mail in time to make the change. We greatly appreciate your help concerning this matter.

Dropping Off Student Items

We will not accept water bottles at the front desk. If a student forgets their water bottle, we have several water fountains througout the school that are cleaned and sanitized daily.

Any other items, such as homework or student materials, etc., will be placed in the teacher's box. We will not deliver items to the classroom. Please note that teachers check their boxes before and afterschool, and not always during the school day.

Coming Up this Month


12- Texas Roadhouse Spirit Night

13 - Testing - No Lunch Visitors

15 - End of 2nd Nine Weeks

18 - Student and Staff Holiday

25 - Report Cards go home

27 - Multicultural Day

29 - PRIDE Store