Marijn Borghouts for president!

I will save you from transfats and the media!!!


Hi, citizens of America. I'm Marijn Borghouts and I want to be the new president of the big and biggest nation in the world. I am prepared to make some big changes but don't worry you can keep america while I am making america a better place for you to be in.
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United States of America's National Anthem
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I think that the current laws about marijuana are great. I mean that using these amazing plants for medical purposes is great but why can't we smoke it for fun. It is not that harmfull. Afterall we are alloud to smoke sigarets, e-sigaret, own and fire guns, eat terribly unhealthy food and I can go on for a while but I hope that you citizens get what I mean. marijuana is not addictives so we won't get more junkies and all citizens over 21 are able to decide for themselves if it is worth the risk.