January 31, 2016

Mission & Vision Statements:

The mission of Northeast Elementary School is to inspire, educate, and empower students to be successful socially, academically, and physically in order to prepare them to meet the challenges of the future.

Our vision is to ensure that students SOAR to the highest level of success because "college and career readiness" begins with a strong academic foundation.

Lyle's Loving Logic

"The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work."
-Mark Twain

Snow days at NEES!

Our hard working custodians make sure that our campus is safe while faculty and students enjoy an unscheduled day off.

Guest Speaker Katy Stevenson

Katy Stevenson is Clarksville's city forester and works for Clarksville Parks and Recreation. She spoke with our third graders about arboretums, and held a question/answer session for a STEM project that the students are working on.


"I would like to say THANK YOU to Mr. Baggett (and team), for making my classroom transition an easy one by making sure everything that was needed was taken care of. He did this with a positive attitude and without hesitation. Also, I would like to thank all of the Title and Instructional Aides that were very helpful in making sure things were moved fast and efficiently. Nurse Sandra helped to make sure we got it organized and clean for students by Tuesday morning. I appreciate Dr. Lyle’s leadership and guidance to make this a smooth transition. NEES Eagles Pride was shown by everyone involved."

-Kimberly Beals

"BIG shout out to ALL 3-5 teachers. They have been working diligently with their students for the upcoming state assessment. Thank you to Ms. Brandt for all of your time and hard work preparing us for the TN Ready test!!"

-Kim Flint

"Please recognize Angel Dominique for finding a spelling error on the Report Cards. I can’t believe no one has ever noticed this before now. Great Job Angel!!!" (The word achievement is spelled wrong on report cards for grades 3-5).

-Lisa Kemmer

Shout out to April Massey!

"She has gone out of her way to rework the MIST practice testing schedule for our team several times with the snow days and delays. It has not been an easy task and April has done it with a smile on her face. She has been a great leader for the 3rd grade team this year!"

-Jana Moffet

A big shout out to Mr. Richard & the cafeteria staff for supplying cans for a music activity. Your generosity, positive attitude, and willingness to help is truly appreciated!

- Amanda Holla

Huge shoutout to NEES Custodians for working so hard in the cold snow to make sure that everyone is safe coming into school.
Please show recognition to our hard-working faculty & staff members! Send shout-outs to Lauren Finley, Kim Flint, or Helena Jones. :-)

TO DO...

1. Class Fees - Any remaining Class Fees collected must be spent by 3PM on Tuesday, February 2nd.

2. RTI data chats - Each team will meet Thursday, February 4th in Megan Christensen's room for our monthly RTI data chat. RTI teachers please bring your purple folders. Ms. Flint will have district updates to share as well as discuss progress of RTI students.

3. TN Ready & Technology- Practice assessments for TNReady part 1 will begin at the end of January. The TNReady assessment for grades 3-5 will take place throughout the month of February and first week of March. Please do not rely on using any technology resources during this time, as these assessments are our priority. Thank you for your flexibility.

4. iPads - The iPads that are available for individual checkout will be stored in the computer lab (on the counter). This will make it easier to locate the devices when they are needed for progress monitoring. Thank you to Mrs. Rolan for donating a rack for organizing the iPads. :-)

5. The Family Fun Night is scheduled for March 22, 2015 – STEM, Math, Family Read Night, Fitness, Book Fair, etc. Please get with your committees to plan your activities. Please see Dr. Lyle if you volunteered for the visitor sign-in and/or a room assignment last year.

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10 Day Forecast of Upcoming Events

2/01/16 - Progress Reports go home

2/02/16 - Any remaining Class Fees collected to be spent by 3:00 PM

2/03-04/16 - Dominoes Pizza Spirit Nights

2/03/16 - Box Tops for Education Collection day

2/05/16 - Wear Red for American Heart Month

2/05/16 - RTI- Send Parent Letter/Graphic Data Home

2/12/16 - Classroom Parties (1:50-2:30); 5th grade specials in AM (8:10-8:55)

2/15/16 - President's Day: No School


TNReady Part I (3rd – 5th Grade)

February 8-16

3rd Math/ELA/SS

February 17-24

4th Math/ELA/SS

February 25, 29/March 2-7

5th Math/ELA/SS

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Angel Dominique

Raceland, Louisiana (Yes....not too far from Houma, LA.....hometown of the Swamp People).
What’s the most rewarding thing about what you do?
I teach the future leaders, mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, government officials, etc. of our country.
Why did you choose this profession?
I wanted to work with children and know that I could make a difference everyday.
What is one thing people might not know about you?
My wasn't even in my vocabulary (or my mother's). I never expected to be living the life I am at this time.

What profession other than your own would you most like to attempt?
Secretary (since I'm just about doing that anyway....LOL!)
What is top on your bucket list?
I would like to visit New York City and see the Statue of Liberty.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
The power to make everyone get along. I don't like conflict between children and/or adults. Therefore, I would create a society of caring and kind people.

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

Nope....I am pretty simple. Not much I don't share with the world! :-)

Prodigy is a Common Core aligned math adventure game for grades 1-8. Each problem’s difficulty is adjusted dynamically throughout the game, based on the student's performance. The product is free of charge to all users while a premium subscription is an optional upgrade for parents.

Prodigy contains over 900 Common Core math skills in its adventure game. Once students log into Prodigy, a diagnostic test is used to determine the correct math grade of the student. The students then get to create their own customized wizard, which they use to fight opponents such as wizards, fairies or dragons. While students play, a fast-track in the game is given if they’re proficient in the skills they’re practicing, and tasks with lower level skills are given if they’re having difficulties. Meanwhile, teachers can see real-time reports of student progress - which areas they have mastered, and where they need additional support. Teachers may also assign embedded assessments to students as homework in the game.District administrators can also see administrator reports to track how each class is doing. Parents may also track their child’s performance, and if desired, upgrade to Prodigy’s premium plan for additional special items in the game for their child.

Prodigy Math Game DARK TOWER! Part 1

MEME Corner... Laugh Out Loud

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Please e-mail Lauren Finley, Kim Flint, or Helena Jones if you have good news you would like to share, suggestions, or "Shout-Outs!"