The Latest in technology


Dear Dan,

To begin with, I read your letter written to an advice column in a young people's magazine about people who pay a lot of attention to the last trends in technology. I certainly sympathize your situation. I am agree and I admire you for resisting consumer pressure. Nowadays, most young people have become addicted to technology, if they are not with your mobile at hand are sitting at a computer without paying attention the reality of things happening around them.For example, my friend Bryan makes me crazy because he spend a lot of time whit his iphone, He is moving his fingers all the day.

Second, I think that they are not your true friends because they only think about material things and not judge the real reason of friendship, you don't need the latest technology to be fashionable or to be accepted, the way we are made ​​to know who we are truly. They waste their money and not think that there are people who haven't a roof to live or enough money to survive.

A third point to consider is that you help me to understand that in this live we can be unique without pay attention the criticism. At the same time we have to be tolerant because all do not think like us and we have to respect the different opinions doesn't mean that we are forced to change our way of thinking.

To sump up, each person has the freedom to choose their likes and what to do in this life without letting anyone influence or force us to change our way of being as long as we respect their tastes too. However, make sure your friends don't think you are looking down on them.

I hope this help with your problem.