Colin Holtan A day 2 hour

Who am I

Hobbies, activities, School strengths and Values

Hobbies, Lego's and Hunting. Lego's are fun because it takes thinking. Hunting is fun because it takes practice and patience.

Activities, Soccer and Archery. Soccer is fun because it is fast, Archery is fun because it takes accuracy and skill.

School strengths, History and math. History is fun because you look back in the past. Math is fun because it takes problem solving.

Values are pay, responsibility, Pay is important because it helps me with everyday life, responsibilities are important because it I get there on time I will be possibly promoted.


Ways I am smart, are nature smart, Number/Logic Smart, and picture smart. Nature smart is that you are appreciate natural environments,Number smart is that you use logic,reason and numbers, and Picture smart is that you enjoy creating visual images.

Learning style

Learn by reading is where you learn best by reading.

Learn from hearing means that I learn best by hearing stuff.

Learn By doing means that if i want to get better I have to do stuff.

Holland code

REI, 3 carrier clusters are national security, help secure places, law enforcement, Police/swat, marketing management direct occupations in business and corporations.

Zoo keeper, math ,science, and biology. Make up to 16,434 to 40,137.

Most importent thing I learnd this year

That I am smart in many different ways