10 technology rules for parents

by: Katharina Wiebe 8C

Rule #1 Never share passwords.

People could get into your account and do unchangeable damage.

Rule #2 Don't text and drive

Most accidents are caused by distracted driving.

Rule #3 Create usernames without your real name in it

It protects your identity and keeps you safe from internet stalkers

Rule #4 Don't forward chain letters

They could interfere with your computer.

Rule #5 Don't meet people from the web in real life

They could try to harm you or threaten you.

Rule #6 Don't cyber bully

Cyber bullying is exactly like physical bullying and is the number one cause of suicide.

Rule # 7 Remember that people can access your webcam without you knowing

If you have a laptop put tape over the webcam so that people can't access your computer.

Rule #8 Don't be fooled by people online

A person can say that they are an 11 year old girl but can actually be a 50 year old man.

Rule #9 Never give out personal information

It doesn't matter if it's a "safe" website, people always lie on the web to get information.

Rule #10 Always be on the look out for scamers

If someone says that they are the president and wants to visit you personally but he can't unless you give him your address then they are most likely a scamer.
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