EOG Vocabulary

Do you really know these words?

Language Arts Testing Vocabulary

purpose-the reason something is done

compare-what are the similarities

contrast-what are the differences

persuade-to convince someone to do something

expresses-to convey a thought or feeling in words

most likely-which one has the greatest likelihood of happening

sensitive-to have an appreciation for others' feeling or something that is easily damaged

irresponsible-someone who does not take the consequences for their actions

mood-a particular feeling or state of mind a piece of literature makes the reader feel

bitter-having a sharp taste, or someone who is resentful

main idea-what the passage is mostly about

fiction-stories that are made up

non-fiction-stories that are true

cite-quote or provide evidence

relate-connect to something

conclusion-sum it up

suggest-cause one to think about

speaker-the narrator of the poem

bold-someone who is confident and not afraid to take risks

timid-someone who is shy and afraid to take risks

adventurous-willing to take risks

ruefully-expressing sorrow or regret often in a humorous way

haste-to do something in a hurry

boastful-having excessive pride or self-confidence

agreeable-enjoyable, pleasurable

emphasize-to stress

highlighting-to show the best part