By:Gia Scheels

Environmental Issues of Canada

- One problem in Canada is acid rain in the Great Lakes. This is killing all aquatic life. One way to prevent this is the cap-and-trade approach. this approach will help cut the overall sulfur emissions in half.

- Another problem is over extraction in the Canadian Shield. At the beginning of the 20th century the Shield was transformed into a large, undeveloped territory for mining. eventually everyone was mining in the Canadian shield. this can harm people.

- Another problem is that to many trees are being cut down in Canada. This is ruining habitats. The trees give off oxygen which helps us breath. If Canada cuts down to many trees, no one will be able to breath.

Quebec's Independance Movement

Most French-Canadians lived in quebec for hundreds of years. During WW1, they Quebec thought the war would only help the British, not Canada. Some people in Quebec started to want Quebec to be an independent country. By the 1960's many were considering themselves Quebecois. There was a quiet revolution during that time period.Many separatists (a person who supports separation) were using peace not violence to get the independence movement going. there was a constitution Act in 1982 that made Canada speak English and French, but Quebec never became an independent country.

Canadian Map

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