pluto and ceres

These are called dwarf planets.


They both are dwarf planets. They have a sideways orbit.They are not planets. They are like the small ones out. They are far away from the sun. So it would be very cold on these planets.They say that Pluto has frozen bodies on it from the solar system. But, ceres didn't have any thing on it. Now keep on reading find out more about these small little dwarf planets.


Pluto was discovered on feb 18th 1930

it was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh

Pluto has a side was orbit

a distant region populated with frozen bodies left from the solar system

3.7 billion miles away from the sun

The average temp -356

it sid 13,050,000,000,000 kg

its diameter is 2,306

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Was discovered in 1801

discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi

The average temp is -106

orbit period id 4.60

orbit distance 413,700,000

Its mass is 943,000,000,000kg

its diameter is 2,306

Compare and contrast

Pluto is a little bigger than Ceres. Ceres is a Roman goddess. So that is why it is a little bit smaller. Pluto is the Roman god. That is why it is bigger. They are both dwarf planets.

They are not planets at all.


These are two lovely planets. They might not be planets. But, they have lots of stuff we can learn about. Like that Pluto have an average temp of -365. Ceres have an orbit period of 4.60. These are great planets. We should learn about these planets. Thanks for reading.