Digital Citizenship

Shauna D. P.5 12/14/15

Rule #1:Digital Ettiquite

Treat Others with Courtesy and Respect:

Just like in real life, people get hurt by some of the things that others may say or do online.

Rule #2: Information Privacy

Before You Share Your Information, Think About Whose Getting it and What They're Going to do With it. Sometimes, people get your information and send you random mail or spam that you don't want or are inappropriate.

Rule #3: Social Networking

Never Post Anything That You Don't Want Your Parents,Teachers,Classmates, or even College Admission Officers. On a social networking site you have to remember your profile is your identity so you have to be careful with it.

Rule #4: Online Safety

Make Sure You Keep Your Identity a Secret and Keep Away from Strangers. Sometimes people online are't what they say they are. Some adults pose as children online to purposely trick kids. Don't give them your real name,age, etc.

Rule #5: Cyberbullying

When a Person Post Rude Stuff About You online, Whatever You do Don't Fight Back. Sometimes people send those kids of stuff to see your reaction, don't ever play into their hands.

Rule #6: Plagerism

Don't Steal Someone Else's Words. You can't Steal Somebody's Thoughts or Ideas Word for Word. They created it themselves you just need to paraphrase or in other words make your own words.

Rule #7: Copyright

Don't Copy or Display Anything Without the Creator's Permission. Creators have their rights to make copies of their songs and produce them to the world, but they can also give others permission to do that too.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship are rules you should follow online to protect yourself and others. It's important for everyone to practice and display digital citizenship so we can remember it and keep ourselves safe while online, that way we could more fun.
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