Peek at the Week

November 26 - December 1, 2017

How is it December?

Can you believe it's already December? The old saying "time flies" is so true. In the coming weeks, it would be incredibly easy for us to spend our time worrying about those Christmas lists, the baking we need to do, or how we need to finish decorating.... but I want to encourage you to take a look at the little ones around you every day. They need us to be present with them each moment we are here. You never know what they are possibly dealing with during the holidays. Continue to show kindness in your words and actions with our students. It may truly make a difference in their day.

Congrats to Carmella Blake on her Donor's Choose grant being funded by the National Fitness Foundation! Her students will receive mini cycles to use under their tables during independent reading time!!

Technology Needs

As we enter MAP testing this week, please know that Ms. Hampton will be busy with setup and trouble-shooting. If you have a technology need, unrelated to MAP testing, you must submit a technology Help Desk ticket. This can be found on the Anderson 5 webpage. Please do not call Ms. Hampton on the walkie unless you have a problem with the MAP testing system before or during your testing time. Thank you!

The Week Ahead

Monday: MAP Testing begins

Tuesday: Faculty Meeting in Learning Commons

Staff Christmas Party @ 6:00 - Earle Street Kitchen and Bar

Wednesday: Grade-Level Planning

Thursday: 1st - 5th Grades Training with Paige and Alicia

We will be training in Google to be sure we are ready for the 1:1 roll-out coming very soon!

RTI and Data Trackers

On Tuesday, we will be going deeper into the RTI process and how using appropriate interventions can support our students' needs. In December, we will be introducing data trackers and how they will help us gain more understanding of our students' growth or areas of need. In January we will begin using the data trackers in team meetings during the first and third Thursday of each month.

Welcome to North Pointe Mike Rusher! Mike will be here each day from 12:45 until the end of the day working with our 4th and 5th gr. resource students. Please make him feel welcome!

Warning: RECESS soap box....

Recess. Both teachers and students love it, most days! I get it. Please be reminded:

1 - Recess is intended for students to socialize, play, release energy, and take a break.

2 - It is NOT recess for you. Please do not tell students that it is. Sure, you can enjoy conversations with your teammates, but your attention must be placed on students 100% of the time.

3 - It will be tempting to take 'extra recess' as we approach the holidays and our nerves wear thin. Except on the last day before break, please do not. Stay on schedule. We have one playground and 5 grade-levels using it. They need to be spread out as much as possible. If you want to use the front yard for additional, earned recess, on occasion, please feel free.

4 - Tattling versus Reporting - Please teach your students the difference between these two terms. We cannot have students feeling afraid to tell you about something that has happened for fear of being told 'don't be a tattle'... I know it's a problem at times, but students must be taught the difference, and more importantly, they often need us to guide them through social situations. Keep in mind, we teach much more than academics.

Thank you!

Lunch Reminders

Please sit facing your students. If your back is to your class, it is impossible to monitor. We must monitor students during lunch. Also, please remind students of the voice levels which are appropriate for conversations in the lunchroom. If you must sit with them to model this occasionally, please do so.