Technology Bytes

September Edition

Microsoft Office Update Message

If you ever see the Microsoft Office Update Message appear on screen, please save whatever you are working on, quit MS Office apps and click the proceed button. Please, DO NOT cancel the message. The update runs in the background and if you are working with other applications (Not Word, Excel or PowerPoint) you can continue to work while the computer updates.
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Logging In on Student Computers

Teachers, you should NOT be logging in on student computers with your Log In information at ANY time! This causes syncing errors and as well as other issues on our network.

Changes are Coming to Google Drive

Google is changing the look of Drive. They roll out these changes a little at a time. Some student accounts have already changed to the new look. If you haven't changed over yet, you can try out the new look by clicking on the gear in the upper right side of the window. Then click on Experience the new Drive. Eventually, everyone will change over and you will have no choice. Here is a link to a quick 1:42 video about the new Drive:

Scanning a Document Using the Xerox Machines

Here are directions on how to scan a paper document and send it to yourself in an email.

Secure Printing

Here are directions on how to Secure Print. It also explains what Secure Print is.

Releasing More Than One Securely Printed Document

If you sent many documents to be securely printed, you don't have to release them one at a time. You can actually release them all at once by following these directions:

Technology Spotlight

This month's spotlight is on Mrs. Lesser's class. They created videos based on the Kid President YouTube videos. If you've never seen a Kid President video, click here.They created the top 10 things they think should be said more often.
Our Top 10 Things WE Think Should be Said More Often!