Link and Learn Friday

Friday March 7


Newsela - This site provides non-fiction news articles for all ages, with Lexile levelling choices for each user and quizzes for comprehension. There are some really clever and convenient elements to this site:

  • Reading level choices and quizzes are right next to the article, making it easy for students to complete the assignment
  • Although not required, the free account allows you to setup a classroom, student logins and assign articles to a class. Each students results are then stored to your account. This allows you to go back and review their actual test, not just the results.

One thing to note about this site, while all of the articles provide levelling choices for the reader, not every article has a quiz. Look for the anchor in the top right corner above the titles before assigning them to your class.


This weeks edition doesn't feature an app, rather I chose an article that provides 19 tips/tricks on how to use your IPAD or IPhone more efficiently. Did you know......

... you can use your headphones as a remote to snap a picture?

....there is an embedded feature called "guided access" for little ones? can add folders and apps to your home row?

Find all these tips and more at:

Just for Fun

Laptop Lunches - While this is a commerce site that sells a very unique bento type lunchbox, I love this site because they have photos, menu ideas and recipes for healthy lunches listed by season.

Packing a lunch either for yourself or your kiddos can sometimes feel like a chore, I guarantee you that you'll find inspiration here for fun, healthy and yummy lunches! Enjoy...