Billy Barker

By Aaron

Did you know, William George barker, born on 3 November 1894, was the first Canadian to earn the Victoria Cross, which is the highest medal possible to earn in British commonwealth countries?

Who was he?

Billy Barker was one of the best Canadian ace fighter pilot in WWI.
From the beginning to the end of his career in 1959, he had the highest possible rank: wing commander.
In his early life, he liked to shoot guns, ride horses, and work for his father. He had such a great shot, he could hit a target while riding a horse. He was a good student, but due to his father wanting him to help out on the farm, he frequently missed school.

End of Career

After his fateful injury the caused him and his test plane to go spiralling out of control, came Toronto biggest national state event in history (at that time): Barker's funeral. 50,000 people lined up in the streets of Toronto in his honour. Six other Victoria Cross recipients also lined up. Two years later one school in his home town, Dauphin, Mantoba, was named after him.