Western University

Territory Of The Wolfs

Info of School

  • located in Monmouth Oregon
  • Best Criminal Justice program in the state
  • Cost for 4 years=$36,420
  • Teacher to student ratio is 1:16

Info on area

fun things to do

  • Bradley Beach Bowl
  • Red Bank Armory Ice Complex
  • Lowes Monmouth Mall Theater
  • Swingtime Mini Golf


  • Winter & Fall Ranges from 37-67 Degrees
  • Spring & Summer Ranges from 48-95 Degrees


  • 15 miles west of Salem
  • Willamette river
  • Freeway Lakes County Park

Paying for Collage

  • currently working to save up extra money
  • I plan on going into the navy or marines

Achieving Post High School Goals

  • plan on bringing my GPA up to 3.0 or high and keeping it there
  • trying to get more involved in activities and Clubs

Classes I will take to achieve my goals:

  • Psychology
  • sociology
  • Psychical Education

Available Volunteer Work as Training

Monmouth Police Department
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