Adam Sandler

By: Alyssa

Early Life

Adam Richard Sandler was born on September 9, 1996. He was born in New York City. He was raised in Manchester, New Hampshire. As one of seven children, he was always the class clown.he didn't consider becoming a comedian until his brother encouraged him to preform at a Boston comedy club when he was 17. He continued to perform after he left Boston to attend New York University. After graduation, he became a regular on MTV's game show "Remote Control".

Film Debut

He got a job on "Saturday Night Live" from 1990-1995. Sandler kept loyal fans laughing throughout the '90s. His first title film role came in 1995 with "Billy Madison". Numerous films followed, including "Happy Gilmore" in 1996, "The Wedding Singer" co-starring Drew Barrymore, and "The Water Boy" in 1998. Also "Big Daddy" in 1999, and "Little Nicky" in 2000. In 2003, he starred opposite Jack Nicholson in the hit comedy "Anger Management". Taking a more dramatic turn, he also starred in the dramedy "Spanglish" (2004). In all, Adam Sandler has been in over 40 films.

Current life

Adam Sandler is still an actor, comedian, screenwriter, and film writer. Sandler lives with his family which includes Jackie (wife), Sadie and Sunny (daughters) in his Los Angeles, but also has homes in New York City and Florida. In one of his most recent films, "Hotel Translyvania 2", he is the voice of the character "Dracula" in the animated movie series. In his films, he often plays a character with a temper or a short fuse. He currently has a bulldog named Matzoball.

Outside Acting

In addition to his acting, Sandler has made several comedy albums. His first was the Grammy-nominated "They're All Gonna Laugh At You" (1993), which became an instsant hit and expanded his fan base among young people through offensive songs and sketches. His most recent release was 2004's "Shhh... Don't Tell". Sandler has been married to Jackie Titone since June 2003. The couple has two daughters: Sadie Madison Sandler, age 9, and Sunny Madeline Sandler, age 6.

Awards & Achievements

Sandler has won almost 40 awards and achievements from 1996-2012. He has won: 8 Teen Choice Awards, 8 Kids Choice Awards, 7 Peoples Choice Awards, 6 MTV Movie Awards, 2 Sho-West Convention Awards, 2 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, 2 Razzies, a Gijon Award, a Chlotrudis Award, and last but not least, he won a Walk of Fame Award.Over his lifetime, he has won many awards and achievements. He is currently worth about $300 million.


Sandler has supported 17 charities and foundations. He has also supported 20 causes. The charities and foundations he has supported are: The Animal Rescue Foundation, Ante Up For Africa, Autism Speaks, The Boys & Girls Clubs For America, The Chris Farley Foundation, Clothes Off Our Back, The EB Medical Research Foundation, The ENOUGH Project, The Entertainment Industry Foundation, Feeding America, Hillsides, The Life Rolls On Foundation, Not On Our Watch, Project Angel Food, Stand Up To Cancer, and Toys For Tots. Overall Adam Sandler has helped alot of people.


Adam Sandler's favorite breed of dog is the English Bulldog. He is a major New York Mets fan. He is a fan of professional wrestling, and most of his self-written films have references to professional wrestling in them. Adam's favorite cartoon character is Spongebob Squarepants. As you can already tell, Adam loves to make people laugh and he loves comedy.

Fun facts

Adam Sandler's production company "Happy Madison Productions" is named after 2 of his films, "Happy Gilmore" (1996) & "Billy Madison" (1995). His production company is behind most of his films. His beloved dog Meatball was the best "man" at his weddingand was dressed in a tux. He was also considered to play the role of "Willy Wonka" in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (2005). He received the 2,434st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 1st, 2011. In every movie that he writes, his characters name ends with the letter "Y", Billy Madison, Sonny Kofax, Bobby Boucher, Happy Gilmore, Nicky, ect.