Lakota Preschool Daily Memo

By: Kelly Miller


SPIRIT Events Next Week-
Ugly Sweater/Jean Approved Day on Tuesday
Friday Staff Gathering with Stocking Exchange

Board Maker-
If you are in need of Board Maker, please let me know!

Conference Dates-
I received notification that conference dates haven't been entered into the ESC Database. Since all conferences have taken place, please go into the database and add your dates. If you need support in accessing it, please let me or Sharon Meek know! Thank you!

Weekly Schedule:

Creekside Data Meetings (8:30-12:30p)
Kelly at Creekside
Stephanie at Creekside
Grant Winterfest from 1:30-3:30pm
New Staff Support Meeting- 3:30-4:30pm (Creekside)


Jenny Lamb




From Stephanie:

1- Brianna for ROCKING during transition meetings and making potentially difficult meetings run smoothly!

2- The ENTIRE eval team- for holding difficult conversations with parents, really getting to know the kids and determining their needs and COMPLETING an ENORMOUS amount of evals!

3- NICOLLE for being an AMAZING support for our students and their families! For always being willing to help out however she can and finding and providing resources to our parents!

3- The Shawnee staff... Your teamwork and family atmosphere is great to see! The support you give each other is wonderful! Love the environment you all are creating!

From Kelly:

To all staff for your hard work and dedication. Your much deserved break is just around the corner! 5 more days, we can make it!!! Look at all the progress your students are making because of your intentional teaching, collaboration and passion!


Briana VonMizener- Dec. 11th
Linda Phipps- Dec. 13th


Staff Luncheon on Friday, Dec. 18th-
1. Discuss a theme with your team and designate a driver!