January 6, 2016

Dear 1st Impressions Team,

Now's the time to set your goals for the month, for Q1, and for all that you'd love to accomplish in 2016. Take a moment to think back on last year...not what you didn't accomplish, but all that you DID accomplish. You did so much and therefore received so much in many different forms.

Just imagine if you actually took some quiet time, reflected on where you've been and where you want to go, what you'd like to achieve in 2016 and how you'd feel when you do achieve those things. Take 5 mins. Close your eyes and imagine how wonderful you'll FEEL when you achieve your biggest goal/dream/challenge. What will your emotions be like? How will you celebrate? How will your family, friends and your entire support group feel about you achieving what you set out to do? Imagine how motivating and inspiring that will be for all of them!

THIS IS YOUR YEAR BABY!!! Time to dream BIG and GO FOR IT! If not now, then when???

Let's get going....Take a read below to update yourself on what the qualifications are to be a Star and learn more from one of our fabulous Stars Orlagh Pawlyk! Throughout this month we'll be highlighting more team STARS on our 1st Impressions Facebook Pages (US & UK/EU). So be sure to check them out as they'll each be inspiring in their own ways.


It is exciting and it is doable!

Whether you are a new stylist or a seasoned leader, STAR is an exceptional building block in our business to focus on.

Star Stylists are able to work their business as a part-time job, earn double to triple the earnings of a stylist, and enjoy the benefit of working closely with their teams thereby building and strengthening their leadership roles. What does it take to be a Star?

To hit Star Pay Rank in a month, the Star needs:

1. 3 Qualified Legs (500 pqv each leg)

2. She personally needs to sell 2000 pqv

3. Together, the Star and her team of 3+ need to sell 10,000 tqv (total volume)

* A Star can be you and 3 others selling 2500 each--just a few trunk shows/month each.

* A Star can sell 2000 PQV ~ (2-3 trunk shows) & 10 others selling $800/month (with 1 trunk show).

* A Star can sell 2000 pqv and 16 others selling $500/month (just 1 online show a month).

* Earning $1000+ a month creates amazing Family Adventure Fund and ME Money!

Our new compensation plan has nailed it with the latest tweaks. THIS is absolutely doable for any of you who would like to go for it. In February we'll officially be starting a Path to Star by Hoopla Program but why not get your sights set and start making the moves NOW? With the New Stylist Sigh Up Special and our Spring Rallies next week, you've got the perfect reasons to reach out.

Here's a link to an audio with Danielle explaining how to Earn Star...

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Let's kick off 2016 by SHINING THE LIGHT ON OUR STARS!

To start the year off off with some inspiration, I'm excited to highlight the Stars on our team. They focused, worked smart, shared the opportunity with anyone and everyone, booked and held 4-6 shows/month on average and are fantastic examples of how to work this business around our busy lives.



Orlagh, you are such a bright, shining example of what a Star constitutes: joy, sparkle, determination, tenacity, fun, & leadership! Please share a few things about you and your goals.

Tell us about this cute photo:

Not my most glamorous photo, but I’m doing something I love here. This was taken last weekend during a training session with my foster dog, Connor. I’m a crazy dog lady and am dedicated to rescue, adoption and changing the stereotypes of American Pit Bull Terriers.

What is your mission with your Stella & Dot business?

My why is constantly changing. I signed up as a stylist after seeing someone on Instagram with great style always using #stelladotstyle. I was pregnant with my daughter Avery at the time and outgrowing all of my clothes, so I was living in leggings and tunics. I felt like I needed a little something to pull my “look” together and SD caught my eye, so I went to the website to do a little online shopping. I LOVED EVERYTHING and when I realized I could join as a stylist I figured it would be a win-win. I would get everything I wanted with a huge discount and if I loved it I was sure my friends and family would love it too. I never really thought it would become what it has for me. I love a challenge and trying new things and this has really pushed me outside of my comfort zone and challenged me. On top of the challenge, I really love the community of women and all of the wonderful people I’ve met through SD. It’s such a fun business that keeps me stylish! I have always been someone who likes to be busy- when I have too much down time I just don’t know what to do with myself. We are all busy, but I find that you can always make time for what is important to you. In addition to SD I work full time, am a mother to a busy 2 year old (with another girl due in July), am a wife and help my husband run his business, and have 2 dogs plus a foster dog at any given time. All of these things are important to me, so I make it work. That’s one of the reasons I LOVE this company so much! I can do it at my own pace and work it around my schedule

Wow! You certain have A LOT going on in your life but you manage it all with style and cheerfulness. How do you plan to maximize your business with your busy schedule?:

I have a few tips for taking Q1 by storm, aside from the 2-2-4-2. With unpredictable weather, I’m really trying to leverage online trunk shows this quarter. They can be hit or miss, so hostess coaching is KEY. I like to use PostMyParty to run Facebook shows and I ask the hostess and customers to be live with me for a one hour style session. My goal is to do at least 2/month. I’m about to revamp my show template if anyone would like me to share it. When booking online shows I focus on people I wouldn’t be able to normally travel to. I’ve been doing shows with girls across the country (this week I did one with a girl who follows me on Instagram and lives in Nebraska!) I’ve met an entirely new group of ladies and a couple of them want to book shows as well, so it’s great because these women are all essentially “strangers” that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. The bread and butter of this business is obviously in-person shows, so my tips for booking during Q1 are to get out of your own head (I know I become such a baby about reaching out to someone who I haven’t talked to in a while), and use the new line to build momentum. Don’t get discouraged with nos. Even if someone can’t book now, they may book later and the seed has been planted. I did a TON of outreach during Q1 last year and that helped me book and sponsor later down the road. Even if they aren’t booking right now, that doesn’t mean they won’t book later!

All such sage advice. Thank you Orlagh! Time to build our momentum and start reaching out!

AND DON'T FORGET THE BONUS WHEN YOU PROMOTE TO STAR ~ $500! Then another $500 when you hit Star the second time within 6 months of promoting!

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To get you thinking, check this out...

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Are you ready to work towards promoting? If so, let your upline know! Get on a weekly call with her and others to help keep you focused and energized. Your business is awaiting its direction from YOU!

Let's make it a phenomenal 2016 together!

Carrie McGraw
Star Director & Founding Leader