Emperor Constantine

The Great

Emperor Constantine

Constantine the Great, also known as Constantine I or Saint Constantine, was Roman Emperor from 306 to 337. Constantine was the son of Flavius Valerius Constantius, a Roman army officer, and his consort Helena.


  • Born: February 27, 272 AD, Niš, Serbia

  • Died: May 22, 337 AD, Nicomedia, Turkey

  • Full name: Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus

  • Parents: Helena, Constantius Chlorus

  • Spouse: Fausta (m. 307 AD–326 AD), Minervina (m. 303 AD–307 AD)

  • Children: Constantius II, Constantine II, Crispus, Constans, Constantina,Helena

  • Constantine was the first christian emperor

How Did It Affect The World

It affect the world because Emperor Constantine was not a christian but soon he was. When he would fight wars that is what he use to back off his enemy and they all ran back because they thought that there god will struck them lighting.

Why Does It Matter

The emperor Constantine has been called the most important emperor of Late Antiquity. His powerful personality laid the foundations of post-classical European civilization; his reign was eventful and highly dramatic. His victory at the Milvian Bridge counts among the most decisive moments in world history, while his legalization and support of Christianity and his foundation of a 'New Rome' at Byzantium rank among the most momentous decisions ever made by a European ruler.

Rise of power

Constantine The Great
Constantine the Great