Molasses flood strikes Boston

USIA claims not responsible.

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The Disaster

in 1919, a USIA molasses tank broke under pressure, releasing a wave that was 15 feet high, 160 feet long, and reaching up to 35 mph. That wave, was made of pure molasses.

It destroyed 1 1/2 miles of North End Boston. The citizens cried out in anger that it was the USIA's fault. The USIA defended that bombs were placed inside of the tank.


Due to the fact that the citizens of North End Boston were immigrants, the USIA didn't care what happend. So, due to the research of an expert, the USIA had the tank shoddily built. The USIA had to then pay 1 million dollars in repairs. The citizens were satisfied by their payment.


The molasses flood that had swept through North End Boston had wrecked everything in its path. It took years to clean up all of the sticky molasses from the ground. As a result, 21 people were killed, and 105 people were injured.