Unit 2 Performance Task

By Hailey Eraj Ridha And Shree


How Economy Works

New Jersey has a free enterprise economy .

A free enterprise economy allows people to start and run

their own businesses with limited government control.

In some economies the government controls or owns the business. New Jerseys businesses compete with one another in trying to meet the demands of consumers.A consumer is a person who gives money for a good service.

Come To New Jersey

People should come to New Jersey because it is a place that has a big History and is a place with freedom. New Jersey’s population is about 1,030 people per square mile. Also New Jersey has the most dense system of highways and railroads in the whole United States. New Jersey is the only state in U.S that has classified counties. New Jersey has more than 50 resort cities and towns. New Jersey has the tallest water tower in the world! You can see so many things in New Jersey and have each day going to one of these great places!Many people settled in New Jersey and had a great time here! Also here in NJ, in public schools they protect the children from Child abuse. New Jersey is the leading Chemical producing state in the nation. This is also why it’s a great idea to come to NJ!

Wanted Jobs

Wanted Jobs

CIVIL ENGINEER - WANTED with experience to fix broken down cars Please contact : 319-574-462 or email

LandLord Wanted - Owns property to rent out to people Please contact : 684-572-732

Stonesman Wanted - Cuts and shapes stone and uses it to construct buildings. Please contact : 732 - 564 - 0703

Hod Carrier Wanted - Works with brickslayers carrying loads of bricks Please contact : 345-678-909

Doctor Wanted - For medical help Please contact : 772-692-576

Jobs For Sale

Plumber Wanted -Constructs and repairs systems for piping water and siege and natural gas for light and heat. Installs home heating systems that were first starting to appear in 1900.Please contact 609 - 789 - 3399

Stone Carver Wanted- Chisels sculptures and carved decorations on buildings.

Please contact:675-536-7637

Cabinet Maker Cabinet Maker Wanted - A woodworker who makes furniture

Call: 567-467-6475

Pick Miner Sale - Lossens coal with picks, drills, and explosives, then loads it onto cars. Paid by the Carload of coal.

Please contact: 732 - 098- 3213

Builder Sale -Buys materials and hires and oversees all the different workers needed for a building project.

Please Contact:875-712-5748

Rock Man Sale - Blasts out rocks to reach the coal underground and make an entrance to the mine.

Please contact - 896 - 959 - 6865

Wire man Sale - Installs and repairs the electrics trolley cables that power the motor.

Please contact- 583-573-020

Christopher Calaboose Came to America