Lincoln Lion's Local Buzz

March 15, 2019

Maximizing your time

15 days until testing as of Monday the 18th. Time is of the essence and our middle name is urgency. We have done a great job using our data to be strategic with our teaching, small groups, and instructional practices to ensure that our kiddos are ready for the assessments that are coming their way. We will continue to layer conversations about perseverance, effort, and strong testing strategies in our daily instruction to supplement the skills we are working on. We continue to make progress with our students every day we have them with us. Thank you for all that you have done to get ready for the most stressful time of year.


Know someone who wants a job?

Tell them to come out!

Thursday, March 21st 3:00-7:00

Civic Auditorium

Hiring for all positions

Safety Reminder At Dismissal

To ensure well supervised doors at bus duty, please make sure that the door to the outside is constantly "maned/womaned" by an adult. If a child needs a job to stay out of trouble and standing by the door to "check" does the trick an adult must be there too. A child should never be the only person by the exit doors to buses at our dismissal. Thanks for your support in this safety request.

On another note, but not directly safety related, we are going to attempt to get a book case put in the auditorium in order to place some released reading material from the library for kids to look at while waiting for the bus. Thanks Krystal for thinking of purposeful ways to reuse some unused books from our library!

April Faculty Meeting

Our next faculty meeting, April 8th, will be devoted to testing. All certified staff must attend this meeting, regardless of what grade you teach, to ensure that anyone can test if we have an emergency and the usual proctor is not available. Please check your calendars and reschedule any conflicts that you may have in order to attend our faculty meeting. Thank you in advance.

Heads Up! Emergency Drills Next Week

We were unable to have our fire drill on Thursday due to the repair man still working on the box late into the afternoon and some late Benchmark test takers. We will plan to our drill on Monday after 2:00. If you are still testing benchmark after 2:00, know that it will be disrupted by a drill at a point in time.

We also need to do an emergency weather drill this week too. Emergency weather drill week was during the week we had our "Illness Break" so we have put it off until now. Please prep your students for the drill so they know how to duck and cover in the hallway. We will plan to do this on Thursday right after announcements. 5th graders will late for RA because they will do the drill with their homeroom. If you have questions please let the office know. As I have never done this drill in this building and this is not a drill that is done in New England--hurricane drills are just "you are not in school". ---I may need to rely on others to answer your questions.

3rd 9 Weeks Behavior Celebration

We will be celebrating our good behavior next Friday during related arts classes. Please make sure that parents of students who are not attending are aware and it should not be a shock. Calling to say their child won't be attending the party should not be the first call this quarter regarding behavior concerns with the parents.

The behavior team will need the list of the students who will be behind and what room you will have them report to. A member from the behavior team will be in that room to work with those students so teachers can go to the party if they want to. We will have a lesson for students to reflect on making good behavior choices.

The theme will be a beach party and we will have lots of fun beachy games to play during the party.


Application to Facilitate Summer Standards Training Now Open

Audience: Directors of Schools, Principals, Educators
Contact: Stephanie Potter

The application to facilitate summer standards training for the courses listed in the table below is now open until March 27. Facilitators will deliver training on content knowledge and pedagogy to support teacher instructional practice, school leadership, and effective implementation of the Tennessee Academic Standards.

Social StudiesScienceMathematicsSchool Leaders

Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grades 6–7
Grade 8 and U.S. HistoryGrades K–2
Grades 3–5
Grades 6–8
Physical Science (High School)Grades K–2
Grades 3–5
Grades 6–8
Grades 9–12All school leaders

Selected facilitators will be required to attend a mandatory facilitator training on June 4–7and will facilitate teacher and school leader training on June 17–21. Click here for application information.