Orphaned on the Oregon Trail

By: Neta Lohnes Frazier


The Sager family consists of six children named Elizabeth, John, Frank, Catherine, Louise, Matilda, and two parents. When the Sager's started on the trail they could only bring their most important things. They started in the spring of 1844. The family didn't get to a missionary or a shelter for three to four months. Not long after the family started on the trail some of the families including the Sager's started to contract seasickness from the bumps on the trail. The checkpoint was located at Willamete Valley for which they stayed at for two years. The family didn't get to the checkpoint without high losses between their family and the other families that were going along the trail. This area was mostly occupied by indians. The Sager family and other families were afraid of the indians. At the missionary was a school and separate bedrooms with bathrooms. This was like paradise for some of the families that were poor and weren't used to this kind of treatment. Before dinner every night would be prayers, but if you missed prayers as a result you were severely scolded.

Catherine Sager

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Book Rating

I rate the book Orphaned on the Oregon Trail a nine out of ten. I rate it this way because this book was a lot more interesting then I thought this book was going to be. Also this book had a lot more facts about the 1800's and the 1900's. For example in this book we see heavy losses between the Sager family and other families. All I'm saying is that back then if you were to travel somewhere you were going to suffer some losses. Not only in your family but in other families as well. If you were to ever read this book you couldn't read it within a day. The reason you can't read it in a day is because you have to understand and comprehend the story in your head while reading it. If you don't then you will have a hard time of understanding the book.