The Socialist States of Etrea

by: Edward B, John K, and Pranav T

Come to The Socialist States of Etrea!

Location and State Shape

The Socialist State of Etrea would be located in North East Europe, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. The shape would be compact and the capital would be in the very center, allowing for information and goods to be distributed easily throughout Etrea.
Poland is an example of a compact state.


The government of Etrea is a Socialist government. This means the people of Etrea control the majority of businesses, but the government controls some and provides benefits like providing aid to the poor and building bridges and roads.


Our economy is a mixed-market economy. The people run businesses and make business decisions, but the government runs some and taxes the businesses. There are many benefits of this economy like:

  • Motivation for people to work hard
  • Competition between busines
  • Government can help regulate the economy, without interfering
  • Business owners can control their own businesses
  • Benefits given to citizen
  • Supply and Demand offer people fair prices