5 Equipment that you need to know

Whisk, rubber scraper, skillet, tong, and thermometer

1 Whisk

How to use: stir at a constant speed to add air bubbles to what your stiring to make it "lighter"
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Cooking Tips : How to use a Whisk

2 Rubber Scraper

How to use: used to scrape the sides of bowls and plates to get the food or etc. off.
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Rubber Spatula

3 Skillet

How to use: to cook on and able to move to food in the skillet on the sides to get more room on it. also able to flip pancakes.
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Cooking Tips : How to Use a Iron Skillet

4 Tongs

How to use: able to grab food or etc. from a distance and not burn or dirty hand
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UNEED: Tong² - Fork + Spoon = Tong (uneed.hk)

5 Thermometer

How to use: put it in the food and wait for awhile. then look at temp. and see it its right, if not then cook more until it is.
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How to Use a Food Thermometer