Ms. Mac's Memos


Conference Week...

This week is conference week. I know we are on a modified schedule, but please continue with classroom instruction as normal. We will be continuing our TKES observations throughout the week.

Classroom Money...

Just a reminder, if you have NOT already completed your classroom supply order, please get this to Ivonne by Friday.

Benchmark Phonics Assessment for Kindergarten....

The Benchmark Assessment begins on Tuesday. Please keep students quiet in the hall while passing the Kindergarten hall or traveling to Specials.

Our New School...

We will have a meeting on Thursday to see the renderings for the new school. The time for the meeting is TBD.

Mac's Monthly Missions

This is the last week to complete the Monthly Mission. Please see the details below!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it is to utilize a technology based informal assessment with your students (two different times). You have to tweet using- #macsmonthlymission #parkstreetallin showing your students using the informal assessment (picture or video).

Some examples are:

  • Kahoot
  • Quizziz
  • Plickers
  • Padlet
  • Polleverywhere,com

Mission Prize- lunch on Friday of conference week AND a chance to win one of THREE teacher supply gift baskets. Para professionals and support staff will be entered in to win a $5.00 Starbucks gift card.

Staff Shout-outs

1. Ariel, you are always doing your best to find the best materials and practices for teaching our 5th graders about math. You spend hours on end doing your research on which practices should work best and how to incorporate higher-order thinking in our students' educational process on a daily basis. Your hard work is truly appreciated!

2. Rhonda, you spend hours on end doing your research in the WUOS on which practices should work best and how to incorporate higher-order thinking in our students' educational process on a daily basis. Your hard work is truly appreciated!

3. Sharon, your research on PLCs is greatly appreciated. You communicate everything with us on a daily basis and are incredibly helpful with keeping all of us in the loop as to what we should be doing inside and outside of the classroom. Your work with RUOS is greatly appreciated also! :)

4. Mrs. Olusegun is working very hard in the classroom to support her students.

5. Thank you for being such an amazing support in 5B. I really appreciate all of your hard work with our students. You are awesome!

6. Thanks for always being willing and open to collaborate with others!

7. She is an awesome team lead, she is always there to answer questions & take in everything from her team with a smile

8. For being a team player and allowing us to use your class for modeling lessons!

9. Fifth grade team is an incredible and thoughtful team. EVERYONE collaborates and always comes prepared to add to our weekly meetings on ways we can help OUR students grow. We even have group chats over the weekend. We are DEFINITELY #allin for Park Street. When one needs help; We ALL jump in where we can.

10. Tamille is a dedicated teacher and always goes the extra mile for her students. She spends countless hours after school and on the weekends preparing for activities that are STEM related.

11. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and practical ways to help teachers during reading and writing workshop.

12.THANK YOU for your continuous support every minute of the day!! It takes a village! I am so grateful for each one of you and your love for our kiddos!!!

13. For going above and beyond to make sure all of the classes are taken care of and always be willing to adjust and modify with a moments notice to give our students the best learning environment in Marietta! We appreciate and are grateful for you!

14. Great job with the Atlanta Community Gardens Tour on Saturday! You did a fabulous job organizing the event and represented our school well.

15.Thank you for your hard work, time , and dedication to our students. The kids had such a great time at the dance. So many students asked when the next dance would be. So much fun watching our teachers and students dance.

16. You are an awesome team leader.

17. Helping with the Master Gardener tour this Saturday and preparing the gardens for our guests!! You're always open to lend a helping hand and it's not unnoticed. Thank you!

18. Mrs. Cox worked hard making sure the students learned their music for Saturday's performance. Under her direction, the students did well and the Master Gardeners were very pleased with the show. Thank you for helping with this cool event!

19. Andrea gets a HUGE shout out for making the garden such a success this year. Park Street definitely wouldn't have been chosen as the elementary school of choice for the Master Gardener tour without her dedication and passion of teaching gardening with our students. Congratulations!

20. Ms. V has dedicated her free time come support the STEM's collaboration with the high school under the Engineering Pipeline. THANK YOU for chaperoning and experiencing what the Marietta City district is doing with our students when it comes to STEM! She even showed support at the Master Garden tour this Saturday by coming out and helping the parents! Kudos!

21. Ms. Vogt spent outside school hours to chaperone the students at Marietta High school at the Engineering Pipeline Open House. The students really enjoyed it! She is a big supporter of students making new experiences with STEM! Kudos!

22. I want to shout Mr. Soto for being there always at the right time! His care and support for staff is amazing! Thank You! Tamara Speaks

23. Going above and beyond to make sure her team is prepared and supported as Fifth grade navigates RUOS!

24. THANK YOU for allowing us to have PD embedded during the school day as opposed to during planning or after school! I know it makes me feel valued as a professional

25. On Friday outside classes and PD, Mr. Johnson moved all the furniture in the EIP room, did Soccer in the Streets and then DJ our back to school dance.

26. I want to shout out Misty for being a team player and caring about her co workers! Misty you Rock! Tamara Speaks

27. Thank you for printing out our MAP scores for conferences