South Carolina

By Lillian cumler😀

South Carolina

Come on down to were you want to have a great place to live out here we have great awesome stores and some other shops that you could buy some food or things for your home King Charles the 2nd found this place and he thought that people would love coming here were we have a beach to go swimming or you could do some other things like shop we also have HOT days or just some chilly days

Our awesome products.

Our stores or places

Come on down here and go to the beach or the stores or somewhere to eat well we have that right down here in the city's there are cool petting zoos you could go to with animals that you never pet befor or bring your self to a relaxation at to beach here are some of the stores names that you could go to outdoor world,food lion,cabelas.

Pictures in South Carolina 🌺

Here are some photos of South Carolina below!