By: Alex Hopkins

Floridias Facts

My dream vacation has always been Florida. My Desedination is located on the beach right next to the water. The reason why i want to vist this place because it is far anough from home, but not to far. The thihg that makes this destination so great because it is a the beach. Florida has the longest shore line in the US. Also Floridaj is the only state that has a constitution that gets checked every twenty years. Flordia is the largest preduceer of citius fruits int the US. Flordia is the second larest producer of citus fruits in the world. Cape Cavaveral Is the courtys lauch pad. Key West has the highst avergae temperature in the US. The Saint John's River is one of the only rivers that flows north instead of south. Key Largo is know for being the diviing city in Flordia. Largest lake in florda is Lake Okeechobee. Florda Produces 60% of organges in the US.


It takes 14 hr and 45 to get to Florida. It is 1,033 miles away from Texas. I will take my whole family. I will Drive there. I will stay there for at least a week.


I will stay at the Grand Beach Hotel. It will be right next to the beach. It will cost 189$ per night. My family will need to pack cloths, sunscreen, and sun glasses. We will need to bring money and food to survive.


My whole cost will probably be a round. Lodging will be 945 $. I will have 1,000 dollars in spending money. Food will be like 800$. Travel will be 436$. Gas will be about 65 tanks there and back.


I am going to tell you what I will do while I am there. I will go to Disneyland. I will also go to the beach. There are surfing competition there. I could learn how to surf.

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