The population for Peru is 30.38 million people
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significance of the flag

Red represents the blood that was spilled for the fight of independence and white represents peace and bravery
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Ollanta Humala

The government is a presidential representative democratic republic with a multi-party system.
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currency of peru

One us dollar is equal to 3.09 in Peru's money
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Cultural Activities and Entertainment

Independence day- July 28th. There is a speech by the president and parade by civil and military groups for two days. Carnival, Cajamarca is 9 full days of craziness and madness. Semena Santa religious traditions and festivals on the holy week.
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Geography of Peru

-Borders: Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia.

-3 Basic Regions= Amazon Basin, Costal region, and the Andean Mountain range

-60% of Peru is made up of the Amazon

-Region of Peru lies between 260 and 1300 ft above sea level

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Peru's food

Cuy: bony meat usually baked/ BBQ thats served whole often with head on (Guinea pig)

Ceviche: raw fish marinated in citrus juice

Alpaca: AKA llamas cousin

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Tourist attractions

Huacachina- sand boarding and dune buggy rides in the sand dune

Chan Chan- the vast adobe city in pre-columbian America. There are Burial chambers and ceremonial rooms

Machu Picchu- is one of the most beautiful and impressive ancient sites in the world