By,Rolando Soto and Miguel Ceballos

What did she do?

The time when Malala was growing up in Pakistan girls were not allowed to go to school she was the one that stood up for the girls to go to school and she went through some problems you will learn in a little.

Who is Malala

Malala is 18 she has 2 brothers mom and dad her dad owns a school he is a teacher principal she went for that school for a will but then they said girls cant go to school.She realy loves school and reading her favoret sport is cricket.

overall outcome

Malala fought and fought and she got what she want girls were able to go to school and get the rights all men got she is still growing up and going to school still travaling the world she always felt like a normal girl she got treated the same besides travaling and stoff but at the end she got the womens rights to go to school.