Hurried Child Syndrome

Jenna Von Ruden

What is Hurried Child Syndrome

A condition in which parents over-schedual their childrens lives, push them hard for academic success, and expect them to behave and react as miniature adults. One other definintion is the decisions made by adults and children to accelerate the child through the process of becoming a "grown up" and creating a mini adult. Basically having your child in too many activites.

What are the causes

There are many reasons for hurried child syndrome. The main reason is because of parents not being involved enough. The syndrome effects a lot of children who have two house families. Parents need to be more involved and care more for their children. They need to be able to talk to them about everything. School is another cause. Children want to be in a lot of activies, and that is not always the best for a child. The last major cause of hurried child syndrome is media. Children see people on the media behave in certain ways and want to be just like them. Lets face it the media is the last place children should be searching for role-models.

Don't Rush Your Children

We need to let children have their childhoods again. This will solve many cases of the hurried child syndrome. Parents need to show there children love and give them affection. They need to talk to them about things and let them know that they care. They need to monitor what they do, who they see, and what they watch. By doing these things parents can solve problems. The society just needs to let children be children, and not have them invovled in everything. It is an easy fix, so why aren't we fixing it?