Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson


Steve Jobs is a name millions of people are familiar with. Whether it is here in the United States where the billionaire began his reign or in other countries, Apple products are found in every continent. The entrepreneur who died in 2011 on October 5 revolutionized the computer world competing against Bill Gates and Microsoft. His approach towards the tiresome workers that were employed by him was not always acceptable but the relentless passion to create a billion dollar business kept Apple alive.

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Get to Know Jobs

Before the Apple era Steve Jobs was a "hippie" type guy. Living a poor life with not much going for him he was huge into drugs but that didnt stop his desire for fame. As Apple began to grow and improve daily his ego got the best of him. Although he was a brilliant man Steve Jobs was not the best boss to work for. His attitude was often derogatory towards his employees and he made them work tirelessly. Back home his pregnant wife constantly asked for his support but he did little to help. People often questioned why he didn't even send home a check to help. Perhaps without this large ego and passion to grow his company Apple would not be the company it is today. In comparison to his competitor Bill Gates, who was considered a much "better man", the horrible treatment was not needed.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were in a constant race to the top with their technological advances. Throughout this race Gates actually looked up to Jobs as a role model. In conventions that released the newest Apple products Gates would be waiting to talk to Jobs to be let down by being ignored by the man with a large ego. Gates was always inspired by Steve starting in the same position from the bottom of the food chain to one of the most innovative men in the world. In later years Gates was actually hired by Steve as a product developer. The treatment Gates received startled him as he was constantly questioned about stealing Apple software and criticized for his work. As you look at Gates now being one of the richest men alive it is ironic that he viewed Jobs higher than him.

As for the future of Apple they always have surprises. Before Steve Jobs knew his death was approaching he turned Apple into the hands of his developers. During his troubling time he simply only released the products in conventions and explained their uses. As far as developing products that time had already passed before his death. Every idea Jobs had for the future of Apple was explained to the next generation of Apple creators. Apple will be the same even though Steve has passed away and the next big thing for the people and the economy will come from that very same company.
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My Life

Apple and Steve Jobs has been a huge part of my life like many others. I can't go a day without being on my iPhone 5 whether it be surfing the web, browsing social media websites or texting and talking on the phone, I can't escape the use of an Apple product. As I have used both Apple and Microsoft products I view Job's product more user friendly. Due to this my mom purchased a Mac a couple years ago. Every day I use it to do the similar tasks I do on my phone and also for school projects. The use of a Mac or any laptop for that matter is unlimited. I can find out the latest news by the touch of a mouse. It has become easier to connect with friends and loved ones far away. Soon enough I will complete my high school chapter on life and it will be time to head off to college where I will be sure to buy myself a brand new MacBook for the next important 4 years of my life.