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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Oct 23rd Masquerade Serenade Rehearsal after school. 2:40 to 4:30 for all classes except Varsity Chamber. Varsity Chamber students can volunteer for service hours at this rehearsal! See Sign Up Genius below.

Thursday, Oct 24th Masquerade Serenade Concert at KHS Part One: 6:30 pm Part Two: 7:30 pm. Call times are 30 minutes prior to the start times.

October 29th First letter jacket fitting date.

Parent Volunteers for Masquerade Concert

I need PARENT volunteers for the concert. Please sign up if you are able to!


Student Volunteers for Masquerade Rehearsal and Concert

I need STUDENT volunteers for the rehearsal and concert. This counts for service hours!


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Which group is my child performing in for the Masquerade Serenade? When is their call time?

Part One, 6:30:

Viking: Just junior high students

Meridian: KHS 5th period NV Concert and 3rd period Cello Choir plus JH students

Part Two, 7:30:

Frontier: KHS 2nd period Lyrica plus JH students

Brandenburg: KHS 4th period Chamber

Call time is 30 minutes prior to the start of your concert. Part One call time is 6 pm and Part Two call time is 7 pm. You need to be dressed and unpacked and ready to go onstage at your call time.

Why are there 2 concert start times this year? There wasn't enough seating for parents last year. It also makes it the concerts shorter! There are a couple families with students in both concerts-- I apologize in advance.

Rehearsal for Masquerade Serenade on Wednesday, Oct 23rd

We have a mandatory rehearsal for 2nd, 3rd, and 5th period on Wednesday, October 23rd from 2:40 to 4:30 pm. It's our only opportunity to practice our music on the PAC stage with the junior high students. The junior high students are traveling by bus to practice with us, so it's imperative that you come! This is a test grade. If you have a conflict, talk to Ms. Lawrence ASAP.

4th period Chamber: I need about 15 volunteers to help guide junior high students. I also need about 15 volunteers to play along with the Viking group in both the rehearsal and concert. Both of these count for service hours!

Costumes for Masquerade Serenade Concert

You can wear a costume if you wish. It must follow Katy ISD dress code and not be super scary or evil or have blood on it. No full face masks- you need to see your music and play your instrument, and we need to be able to tell who you are. This is a rated G concert for junior high students and younger siblings. If your costume is inappropriate in any way, your concert grade will be lowered 30 points and you'll be asked to change.

If you don't want to wear a costume, you can either wear all black (still following Katy ISD dress code, skirts at least to the knee for modesty on stage) or your orchestra t shirt and jeans (orchestra shirts are supposed to arrive next week). Younger siblings can also dress up—there will be a costume parade in both concerts.

Cellos and Basses for Masquerade Serenade

Cellos and basses need to bring their own instrument from home for this rehearsal and concert. It is so confusing to share the school instruments and it never works out as planned. You can bring your home instrument in the morning or afternoon any day on the week of the concert. If you need to use a school instrument for this concert, please arrange it with Ms. Lawrence.

Candy Donations for Masquerade Serenade Concert- please bring on rehearsal day, Wednesday Oct 23

Bag of Candy: Every student (junior high and high school) is encouraged to bring a bag of candy to share. Orchestra booster parents will mix all the candy up and every student (and younger siblings!) will receive a candy goodie bag to take home at the conclusion of the concert. Bring your candy to KHS on the rehearsal day, or when you arrive on the concert day. We are not having a formal reception in the cafeteria this year.
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Congratulations to Tyler Kang, 9th, and Alex Ekstrand, 12th. They were selected by rigorous audition process to be in the Region Orchestra!

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We had over 70 students attend the symphony concert at Rice last weekend! We had a great time!

Letter Jacket fitting is October 29th

We order our letter jackets through Dilly's. Ask Ms. Lawrence for the packet of info from Dilly's with pricing. I don't have the packets quite yet. There is some information on their website and you can download their catalogue. https://www.dillyletterjackets.com/

All orchestra seniors can get a letter jacket at this fitting (or later in the year is ok, too). Underclassmen can qualify for a letter jacket if they do extra events like Region Orchestra, All State, UIL Solo and Ensemble, or KYAC. See PDF form below. You need 15 points for a letter jacket and each event is worth a different number of points.

Spring Trip to San Antonio April 3-4, 2020 There are 5 seats left

Our spring trip will be on April 3rd and 4th, 2020. We are going to San Antonio! Friday will be the performance, sightseeing in the Riverwalk area, and Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. Saturday will be Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Total cost of the trip will be $340 per student, all inclusive without fundraising. This is an optional trip.

Katy ISD Private Lesson Program- Cello lessons available now!

Cello lessons available NOW!

There are cello lessons available at WoodCreek and Tompkins campuses through the Katy ISD Private Lesson Program. Contact these teachers directly to sign up for your time!

Will Kremer, cello, at Tompkins on Tuesdays and Wednesdays willkremercello@gmail.com

Simon Perez, cello, at WoodCreek on Tuesdays, spots available starting at 5 pm (267) 357-8079 simonperez68@gmail.com

Violin and Viola Lessons at Katy High School

We have lessons available at KHS for violin and viola through the Katy ISD Private Lesson Program. We have two teachers. Please email Ms. Lawrence ASAP to sign up for a time. ellenmlawrence@katyisd.org

A private teacher can help you improve on your instrument and help with technique, region auditions, solos, and vibrato. Lessons are a weekly commitment.

Mr. Michael Della-Calce, violin (main instrument) and viola, $20.50 per 30 minute lesson

Mondays 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm Lessons start August 26th

Wednesdays 3:00 pm - 7:30 pm Lessons start August 28th

Dr. Sylvia Chien, viola (main instrument) and violin, $24.50 per 30 minute lesson

Dr. Chien has a doctorate in viola performance and is a Suzuki violin teacher

Wednesdays pm 3:00 -7:30 pm Lessons start August 21st

Dr. Chien's schedule is almost full. She has 6 pm to 7:30 pm available still.

Bass lessons

Bass lessons through the Katy ISD Private Lesson Program will be offered at Paetow High School on Wednesdays with Grace Lewis, $22.50 per half hour.

Sign up for Remind messages- required for students, optional for parents

In a text message:

To: 81010

for 2nd period Lyrica, message reads: @6e8h8b

for 3rd period Cello Choir, message reads: @ek4424

for 4th period Chamber, message reads: @kd7c86

for 5th period Concert, message reads: @h6e96g