Instructional Technology Update


What is Formative and Summative Assessment?

Limited Student Devices & One to One Device Classrooms

With a limited device classroom, many of the same tools can be used to gather assessment data. The biggest differences is the structures of the classroom. Using a Station Rotation Model or Structures, provides the opportunity for student accessibility to the the device

Learn more about this structure here.

myLearning (Canvas) Quiz

Use the Canvas Quiz (step by step guide) feature to create formative and summative assessments.

Canvas Quiz does a great job at providing you important analytics to help you focus on which students need reteaching moments and what material needs to be looked at again.

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Use Nearpod (step by step guide) to get feedback from your learners from a different assessment modalities from the Nearpod app.

Nearpod does a great job of integrating Formative and Summative Assessment into your synchronous (teacher paced) or asynchronous lesson (student paced).

This tool does a great job of integrating in myLearning. Watch the video below to learn how!

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Microsoft Forms

Forms is the a resource for summative and formative assessments, surveys and so much more! Forms replaces Excel Survey with more user-friendly, engaging and easy-to-manage features.

Learn more about Microsoft Forms Here

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Only have a Teacher Device?


With only one piece of technology in a classroom, gathering data is still very important. How can we leverage the limited devices in our room?

Plickers: With a quick scan of the room, gather data with your devices camera.

Want to learn more about Plickers watch the video below

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