Monkey Family

By Monica Mosquera


Gorillas, monkeys,and apes eat a lot of different kinds of foods.Apes eat fruit and leaves they also eat small animals like insects.Gorillas eat fruit that grows in trees.They also eat bamboo and fruit that grows in rain forests.Gorillas also eat vines ,wild celery and bark.Monkeys like fruit insects,leaves,nuts, and flowers.Monkeys ,apes, and gorillas eat much more then just bananas.

Heaviest Primastes

Did you know that gorillas are the heaviest primate on earth?Gorillas in danger way 220Kg [485lbs].Orangutans in danger way a lot to they are the third heaviest primate.They way 75Kg [165lbs].Gorillas and orangutans are both very heavy but gorillas are still the heaviest.
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A primate is a kind of mammal we are mammals too.There are over 200 kinds of primates that is a lot.All kinds of monkeys and humans all belong to a group of living things.Some scientists believe that a primate came from a quite small mammal that lived in a tree.A primate is a kind of monkey ,gorilla ,and ape.You should learn about primates.
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Were They Live

Apes ,gorillas, and monkeys live but do they live together?There are a lot of kind of monkeys but they don't live together.All kinds of gorillas live in Africa.But they don't all live in. the same part of Africa.Beetles ,ants,and other bugs live with the monkeys in the canopys.These are only a few places were primates live.
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Monkey Species

There are a lot of species of monkeys in our world that are alike.But there is also differences in them.An ape is a monkey.Apes and monkeys are a lot alike.One thing that is different is... that monkeys have tails and apes don't.There are 264species of monkeys that are known. That is a lot. A gorilla is a kind of monkey .There is a lot of differences between gorillas and monkeys.Monkeys are lighter than gorillas.Monkeys are also smaller than gorillas.There are a lot of species of monkeys that you should really learn about. Some species are monkeys,gorillas,lemurs,and apes.But those are not all.
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