Do Something - Cyberbullying

By Amanda and Emily

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What is Do Something?

Do Something is an organization that helps adolescents with their problems and lets them shine in opportunities they want to take. One of Do Something's topics is cyber bullying. 3,209,820 members want social change and lets them achieve that.

The Mission

Do Something knows that teenagers are frustrated that our world is messed up, so they start new campaigns that make real impacts on a teenagers life. One of the most frequent issues to teens is cyber bullying, which Do Something helps prevent.

Where Will The Donations Go?

84.1% is spent on programs

13.1% is spent on administration

2.8% is spent on fundraising

A Teenage Girl Shares Her Story:

"I’ve had to deal with some really horrible bullying and cyber bullying. But I’ve tried to fight the good fight and to do something about it on a bigger scale, especially because I kept meeting others who were struggling, too. With my mind and heart heavy due to my situation and that of others, I started to research cyberbullying. Ryan Halligan, Megan Meier, Jeffrey Johnston, and more names kept coming up. Reading their stories and the decisions they made to end their cyberbullying cut me deeply. I remembered an organization my mom had told me about called It’s a place for kids and teens to do something to better the world. I then decided to create Unbreakable, a project to help me heal as well as heal others who were bullied. I didn’t have much of a plan at first—I just knew that I wanted to do whatever I could to end cyberbullying." ~Sarah Ball

Four Out Of Four Star Review!

According to a Do Something member since 2013, "It is a well maintained website which inspires kids to do more for themselves, and the community. This website is very educational and can help young undergraduates and soon to be graduates earn scholarships, which is amazing."

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Help us "Do Something!" is a helpful website, with millions of members that agree. They help with campaigns and fundraisers, etc. Many teens have gotten help from this organization, and it continues to help. We hope you donate to help teenagers all around the world!