SAAS Library Flyer

Back to School Issue - September 2014

Library Basics

I hope everyone had a great summer. I look forward to having a very productive Fall and I want to take this opportunity to give you a very short library orientation. Each monthly library flyer will explain in more detail select features of our library program.


The library has:

  • two physical collections (Vanderbilt & Arts Center #204)
  • a catalog of all items (type saas for the library name)
  • a large collection of databases
  • Kindle devices to lend
  • a growing list of kindle e-books
  • a monthly library flyer with a contest included
  • a blog
  • free ear buds
  • small video cameras to lend
  • teachers: ask me about LibGuides
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The Bookmobile for Nomads

From the BBC website

"The Camel Mobile Library was set up by the government-owned Kenya National Library Service to improve literacy rates in the north-east. The people whom we serve lead a nomadic life. They are here today but tomorrow they might be gone. A static library would be of no use to nomads and so instead we follow them, wherever they go.

"We start early in the morning and work Monday to Thursday. Each box contains 200 books. One camel carries two boxes of books. Another carries the tent and the third one carries our things. We have nine camels - three caravans."

*Photos from the BBC website.

*I repeat this article run last year before we gained the huge following we now have. Our readers routinely propel this library flyer to the top of the Smore charts. Smore analytics also show our flyers have been viewed by people in over 8 different countries.

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