Hurried Child Syndrome

Caycee Miessler


A condition where parents over schedule their children, push them hard for success, and expect them to act as miniature adults

Reasons For Hurried Children

Childhood is a time to have fun, be worry free and take their time. Recently, some children in every economic class have become stressed, felt unwanted, and developed low self esteem. Both parents, and technology are to blame. Kids have too much access to information, growing up in an adult dominated world. They play violent video games, listen to explicit music, watch raunchy tv shows and more. Parents push their children too hard to be what they want them to be and to be mini adults.


Some children that have been pushed to this position experience many of the following problems. They are depressed, stressed, have low self esteem, may be obese, there is a high rate of teen pregnancy, and drug and alcohol use. Suicide rates in children and adolescents has risen dramatically since the 1980's. Being forced to act older than they mentally are, makes them have a hard time.

How it can be avoided

Hurried child syndrome can be avoided a few different ways. The first, is making sure the child does not feel neglected, and that the parents are emotionally available. The second is to not over schedule , or expect more from the child than they are capable of.