MVHS Year of Excellence


What a Year!

We hope you enjoy our final newsletter celebrating the Year of Excellence. Thank You all for your contributions to the Culture of Excellence at MVHS through Exemplary Academic Performance, Extracurricular Engagement, and Model Citizenship.

I will be moving over to Central Office next year as the new Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Instruction and Student Services. It has been an honor, a privilege, and a pleasure to serve as a Teacher, Vice Principal, and Principal on the MVHS campus over the last 17 years!

With Appreciation,

Dr. Dwight H. McHazlett

MVHS a 5-STAR High School

Medina Valley High School was recognized by the State of Texas accountability system as a five star High School. The high school earned distinction designations in: Academic Achievement in ELA/Reading, Academic Achievement in Science, Top 25 Percent: Comparative Academic Growth, Top 25 Percent: Comparative Closing the Gaps, and Postsecondary Readiness. MVHS now has a total of 28 distinction designations under the current accountability system.
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MVHS Model Citizens of the Week

MVHS recognized over 100 MVHS students for Model Citizens of the Week which are nominated by students and staff. Selection criteria is based on the American Citizenship Awards for students who:

  • Participate in school and/or community service
  • Show a positive attitude toward classmates, school, and the community
  • Display an understanding and appreciation of civic responsibility
  • Possess strength of character and the courage to do what is right
  • Promote citizenship with their school or community through other activities

The American Citizenship Awards criteria are endorsed by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

Students recognized include:

Seniors - Jensen Griffin, Timothy House, Megan Barton, Justin Touchstone, Kyle Lindbeck, Jasmin Hernandez, Serina Garcia, Amaris Arroyo, Dellanie Fleming, Kayla Tolbert, Cora Christensen, Amira VanLeeuwen, Andrea Ortiz, Sofia Ontiveras, Zoe Martinez, Sara Hecker, Ashley DeCock, Kelsey Maine, Devin Delafuente, Rosine Muhorakeye, Patrick O'Connor, Emily Vonderharr, Nolon Smith, Eileen Zinsmeister, Dylan Fillinger, Paeten Johnson

Juniors - Kylee Hall, Susanna Livingston, Elizabeth Gilmore, Olivia Garza, Sophia Arguelles, Casey McDonald, Landon Winters, Seth Stuart, Gabriela McNelly, Rihan Carty, Noah Pardo, Jordan Ugarte, Case Henrich, Moses Cortez, Malorri James, Teresa Garcia, Melanie Salazar, Agatha Martinez, Amaya Cosper, Jacob Nichols, Sinead Williams, Charles Marsh, Alexandra Paez, Dawson Groff, Dietrich Campos, Ernest Haby

Sophomores - SaraBeth Beasley, Gracelyn Snider, Essence Cummings, Salexis Zertuche, Abbie Green, Moenay Aguilera, Leonardo Amaya, Pablo Sandoval, Cameron Batot, Liana Garriga, Cody Bose, Nicole Brooks, Zachary Herlocker, Logan Echtle, Zane Anderson, Isaiah Billalobos, Mackenzie Noakes, Dominick Cooper, William Tschirhart, Jared Marty, Ally Ripps, Noah Wilkinson, Jared Laque, Airanna Suniga, Devyn Killian, Roxanna Mireles, Annsly Hamilton

Freshman - Aya Kasim, Tyler Pinedo, Jackson Bitters, Pilar Zinsmeyer, Lazarus Maldonado, Samantha Copeland, Kira Smith, Emily Hecker, Michael Tomaselli, Ileana Morales, David Botto, Frank Kaufman, Ethan Deleon, Veronica Garcia, David Rymers, Donovan Greer, Kadence Griffin, Daxton Fillinger, Jett Winkler, Travis Schindler, Kaylyn Persyn, Madison Haby, Dylan Smith, Ameenah Wilson, Reagan Aldridge, Gilberto Posada


The MVHS Cheerleaders finished 3rd place at the UIL STATE Cheer Competition out of 56 teams in 5A Division II!

Megan Barton, Mikaela Carroll, Hailey Roberts, Elisa Hernandez, Katelyn Battros, Katelyn Bodiford, Lindsey Persyn, Daniella Torres, Jordyn Steubing, Devyn Killian, Krystyn Camacho, Kendra Cadena, Savanna Allen, Mia Hinojosa, Emma Bauml, McKenna Tschirhart, Saige Holzhaus, Allie Ripps, Gracelyn Snider, Lianna Garriga, Emily Aceves, Constance Chovantez, Ander Duncan, Carys Denton, Aubrey Lopez, Paige Sanchez, Kinsey Winters, Trinity Wanat, Katelyn Zurovec, Leah Larkin, Lauren Reza


Way to go Top Cats! First ever competition for this new team. Team silver sweepstakes, 2nd runner up for hip hop, crowd pleasers award for performance quality for contemporary and hip hop, two solo superior performance awards and crowd pleasers outstanding choreography for hip hop (choreographed by Frankie Rivera and Lauren Biediger)

UIL Academics

District Results (12 Students qualify for Regionals)

  • Number Sense - Joshua Hendrickson, 1st place regional qualifier; Leroy Carrion, 2nd place regional qualifier; Hannah Vierling, 3rd place regional qualifier; 1st place number sense team
  • Calculator Applications - Blake Mulvany, 3rd place regional qualifier; Alexandra Paez, 4th place regional alternate; 2nd place calculator team
  • Accounting - Christian Collins, 1st place regional qualifier
  • News Writing - Giorgette Ruiz, 1st place regional qualifier; Aya Kasim, 2nd place regional qualifier
  • Mathematics - Joshua Hendrickson, 2nd place regional qualifier; 2nd place math team
  • Editorial Writing - Hailey Rangel, 1st place regional qualifier; Giorgette Ruiz, 2nd place regional qualifier
  • Literary Criticism - Nathaniel Brown, 3rd place regional qualifier
  • Computer Science - Kelsey Maine, 2nd place regional qualifier; Caleb Favela, 5th place; Evan Smith, 6th place; 1st place computer science team

Regional Results (Sara Beth Beasley Qualifies for State)

  • News Writing, Aya Kasim placed 5th and Giorgette Ruiz placed 6th.
  • Editorial Writing, Hailey Rangel placed 5th
  • Persuasive Speaking, Sara Beth Beasley placed 5th
  • Lincoln Douglas Debate, Sara Beth Beasley placed 3rd and qualified for State.

Speech and Debate

This year the speech and debate team had an incredible season. The team either won, or placed in half of the tournaments attended this school year. The team had over forty individual placings at invitational tournaments this year and more than ten individual invitational event winners. After the invitational season was over the team turned their attention to district where they claimed two separate district championships. The team was crowned Cross Examination debate district champions, with the team of Amira Van Leeuwen and Serina Garcia qualifying to state, and Brianna Barclay and Jace Mills as first alternate. At the Cross Examination State meet Van Leeuwen and Garcia won three of their four preliminary debates and advanced to octofinals, making them one of the 16 best debate teams in the state, and state medalists. At Speech and debate district the team was victorious beating their closest competition by 70 points to claim their second UIL district championship of their year. The Team captured seven of the 15 spots at the regional debate tournament, with the other eight spots split among four schools the race for district champion was not even close. At the UIL regional meet the team competed hard, with Jose Rodriguez and Sara Beth Beasley both advancing to the elimination rounds in their events. In Persuasive speaking Beasley would be second alternate to the state meet. In Lincoln Douglas debate Rodriguez would be the third alternate to the state meet, while Beasley was able to qualify for the state tournament. Sara Beth Beasley wins sixth place in Lincoln Douglas Debate at UIL State! She brings Medina Valley it’s second UIL State Speech and Debate medal this year! Congrats Sara Beth! Only twelve debaters in the entire state move on to compete at the UIL state Speech and Debate tournament in their respective events. This season has been amazing for the team. In only the second year of the program the team is twice over district champions, had the most successful year in recent memory at Medina Valley, and is quickly becoming a force in the Central Texas debate world. The team is looking forward to next season.

Business Professionals of America

4 MVHS students qualified for NATIONALS BPA in Anaheim, CA!

*1st Place Administrative Support Team - Sara Hecker, Eileen Zinsmeister, Katie Tondre and Allie Tschirhart
*Sara Hecker placed 4th in Integrated Office Applications
National Alternates
*Arianna Suniga placed 6th in Integrated Office Applications
*Allyssa Thoele placed 7th in Advanced Word Processing
Open Event Winners
*Eileen Zinsmeister - 3rd Place Parliamentary Procedure Concepts
*Megan Gallegos - 6th Place Digital Communication & Design Concepts

30 MVHS students qualified for STATE in BPA!

~Seniors~ Sara Hecker, Eileen Zinsmeister, Kathryn Tondre, Devin DeLaFuente, Megan Gallegos, Megan Barton, Bryanna Rodriguez, Christian Collins, Dorian Keller, Brayden McHazlett, Evan Smith, and Taylor Hutchins

~Juniors~ Kayla Masters, Allie Tschirhart, Kendra Cadena, Malorri James, and Tyler Oberhauser

~Sophomores~ Arianna Suniga, Macy Livingston, Chesney Vogt, MaKenzee DeCock, Caroline Williams, Faith Martinez, Amy Zinsmeister, Lauren Sprauer, and Allyssa Thoele

~Freshman~ Savannah Persyn, Aubrey Lopez, Emma Smith, and Ashleigh Jackel

BPA Nationals

Business Professionals of America National Qualifiers competed in Anaheim, California at the National Leadership Conference. The Administrative Support Team was a national finalist placing 7th. The team consists of Kathryn Tondre, Sara Hecker, and Allie Tschirhart. Sara Hecker also placed 12th in her individual event, Integrated Office Applications.

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77 MVHS students qualified for STATE in SkillsUSA!

Community Service Project Gold Medal State Qualified

Brianna Obregon, Regina Alaniz, Joann Hernandez

Quiz Bowl State Qualified

Gold Medal : Zane Anderson, Sophia Hernandez, Justin Hutnyak, Daniel Ingram, Hector Ramos, Jacob Sharber Ashton Solis

Silver Medal: Regina Alaniz, Ethan Herrera, Brianna Obregon, Armando Salas, Joann Hernandez, Kyla Spaide

Customer Service Silver Medal State Qualified

Joann Hernandez

Prepared Speech Silver Medal State Qualified

Cesar Martinez

Prepared Speech Bronze Medal

Hannah Huron

Extemporaneous Speaking Gold Medal State Qualified

Meghan Matsumura

Extemporaneous Speaking Bronze

Kyla Spaide

Power Equipment Hands On State Qualified

Gold Medal Hannah Huron

Silver Medal Damian Botello

Bronze Medal Alexander Luna

Career Promotional Demonstration State Qualified

Justin Hutnyak & Mark Maciel

Individual Notebook State Qualified

Zane Anderson, Ashley Arrellano, Sophia Hernandez, Daniel Ingram, Regina Alaniz, Joann Hernandez, Ethan Herrera, Brianna Obregon, Liliana Burch, Hannah Huron, Meghan Matsumura, Macy Watts

Power Equipment Engines State Qualified

Best of Show: Hannah Huron Small Engine

Damien Botello – Small Engine

Macy Watts & Paige Gantzler Team – Small Engine

Liliana Burch, Alexander Luna, Megan Matsumura – Small Engine Generator

Automotive & Diesel Projects State Qualified

Jacob Sharber; Cylinder Head

Ethan Herrera: Alternator

Zane Anderson – Cylinder Head

Mark Maciel & Sophia Hernandez – Cylinder Head

Justin Hutnyak: Cylinder Head

Daniel Ingram – Cylinder Head

Diesel Hands-On Gold Medal State Qualified

Armando Salas

Diesel Hands-On Silver Medal State Qualified

Brianna Obregon

Diesel Hands-On Bronze Medal State Qualified

Joann Hernandez

Cabinet Making Gold Medal

Jacob Davis

Cabinet Making Bronze Medal

Eric Klesel

Tool ID Gold Medal

Jacob Barton

Construction Tool ID Gold Medal

Jacob Castro

Construction Tool ID Bronze Medal

Justin Braymiller

Job Demo A Gold Medal

Alex Paez

Job Demo O Bronze Medal

Thomas Hodges

The following students also qualified for STATE with their SkillsUSA Project:

Gold Medalists

Jonah Barrow, Jacob Barton, Benjamin Braymiller, Brady Madrid, Ryan Ortiz, Alex Paez, Brayden McHazlett, Eric Klesel, Hunter Corliss, Justin Braymiller, Jacob Davis, Ryan Belcher, Mya Bustos, Cameron Stone

Bronze Medalists

Thomas Hodges, Peyton Homann, Jacob Castro

STATE Results

State Superior For Individual Notebooks:

Bri Obregon, Joann Hernandez, Regina Alaniz, Meghan Matsumura, Lilli Burch, Sophie Hernandez, Zane Anderson, Ethan Herrera, Daniel Ingram, Ashley Arrellano, Hannah Huron

State Superior For Projects

Meghan Matsumura, Lilli Burch, Alex Luna for group project on a Generator

Paige Gantzler, Macey Watts for group project on a Small Engine

State Excellence For Projects

Sophie Hernandez, Mark Maciel for group project on a Cylinder Head.

Jacob Sharber for a Cylinder Head.

Very Good For Projects

Ethan Herrera for an Alternator., Hannah Huron for a Small Engine.

Cabinetmaking Contest - Jacob Davis - 2nd Place

Cabinetmaking Technical Information Test

Eric Klessel - 3rd Place

1st Place Projects Construction

Jacob Barton, Benjamin Braymiller, Jonah Barrow, Brady

Madrid, Justin Braymiller

2nd Place Projects Construction

Mya Bustos, Cameron Stone, Hunter Corliss, Ryan

Belcher, Ryan Ortiz

One Act Play

Medina Valley high school‘s production of Little Women advanced from zone and will compete this Friday at Southwest Legacy for district competition.


All-star crew

Annabel Dickerson-statement

Honorable mention:

Jordan Hernandez as Lori

Kristen Cude as Hannah

All Star Cast:

Bryanna Rodriguez

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All-State Academic Excellence

Congratulations Ryan McCauley on being named to the Texas Association Secondary School Principals’ All-State Academic Excellence Team! Ryan was chosen by the TASSP selection committee as one of the top twenty scholars in the state! Ryan was honored at the TASSP State Convention in Austin.


Congratulations Alexandra Schott on scoring in the top 3% Nation-wide on the PSAT college entrance exam. Alexandra will be recognized next Fall and now has the opportunity to advance to the Semifinal round of the National Merit Scholarship Program. Good Luck Alexandra!


Congratulations Olivia Garza on scoring in the top 2.5% of Hispanic students Nation-Wide on the PSAT college readiness exam! Olivia was invited to participate in the NHRP scholarship applications process.


The MVHS choir started off the year making music and building community immediately. We had All-Region choir auditions in September, with the following students auditioning into the group:

Autumn Leeper

Nele Schroers

Ian Brown

Jolie Wilson

Shannon Jahns

Agatha Martinez

At the end of November, we had our winter concert, which helped set the standard going forward for what we want our choir to be! It was an exciting night.

In December, members of the choir went caroling at the Blue Skies retirement center, bringing joy and holiday spirit to the residents there!

In January, Ian Brown was brought as an alternate to audition for pre-area, which is the preceding audition to All-State choir. He was an amazing representative of our program and our school, especially with last minute notice!

In February, we had our regional solo and ensemble contest. All students involved gave their personal best, and we are very proud that they put themselves out there! The following students participated:

Autumn Leeper

Jolie Wilson

Zelah Santillan

Kayden Faseler

Kristen Cude

Ellie Gilkes

Maria Navarro

Destiny Castelan

Shannon Jahns

Of those, Maria Navarro earned a Superior Rating on a class I solo and will be participating in the Sate solo and ensemble contest on June 3rd at UT Austin!


Ag Advocacy - The team consisted of Morgan Edens, Mikayla Carroll, Taylor Bendele, and Dallas Bull. These team members placed 1st in District and 5th in Area.

Creed Speaking - The greenhand creed speaker was Alyssa Council and she placed at 4th in District. The senior creed speaker was Essence Cummings and she placed 7th in District

Ag Quiz - The greenhand quiz team consisted of Isah’Bella Flores, Allison Johnson, Gabrielle Cancino, and Samantha Copeland. They placed 2nd in District and 5th in Area. The senior quiz team consisted of Amanda Keller, Sarah Hernandez, Arianna Suniga, Emily Boehme, Ariann Harvey, James Alvarado, Kylie Marty, and Kailey Joy. They placed 1st in District and 7th in Area.

Chapter Conducting - The greenhand chapter conducting team consisted of Sydney Aelvoet, Alyssa Council, Robert Gilmore, Ashlyn Persyn, Mariah Persyn, Hannah Vierling, Allison Whitley, and Kiley Winkler. They placed 1st in District and 4th in Area. The senior chapter conducting team consisted of Garrett Hoak, Eileen Zinsmeister, Susanna Livingston, Meredith Vincent, Jensen Griffin, Savana Meyer, Matthew Sapp, Joel Ortiz, Amy Zinsmeister, Essence Cummings, and Macy Livingston. They placed 1st in District, 2nd in Area, and 5th at State

Radio Broadcasting - The team consisted of Garrison Garza, Victoria Juarez, Katelyn Bodiford, and Zachary Lozano. They placed 1st in District and 5th Area

Public Relations - The team consisted of McKenna Tschirhart, Olivia Garza, Tori French, and Chesney Vogt. They placed 3rd in District.

Ag Skills Demonstration- The senior skills team consisted of Garrison Garza, Madison Winecoff, Kaleb Friesenhahn, and Abigail Miller. They placed 1st in District and 5th in Area. The greenhand skills team consisted of Rylee Burkholder, Savannah Persyn, Ryan Simpton, and Kinsey Winters. They placed 2nd in District and 3rd in Area.

Job Interview - Eileen Zinsmeister placed 1st in District and 5th in Area.

Land Judging - The land judging team consisted of Ezekiel Villafane, Victoria Juarez, Logan Echtle, Teresa Garcia, and Kenneth Henson. They placed 2nd in District, 5th in Area, and 36th at State.

Plant ID - The plant ID team consisted of Blaze Brown, Emily Hecker, Allison Johnson, Weston Marshall, Michael Tomaselli, and Isabelle Davis. They placed 1st in District and 7th in Area.

Poultry Judging - The poultry judging team consisted of Garrison Garza, Rylee Burkholder, Isabelle Davis, Madeline Winecoff, Isah’Bella Flores, Blaze Brown, Kaleigh Thayer, Ainsley Burns, Abigail Miller, and Leksi Martinez. They placed 1st in District and 6th in Area.

Livestock Judging - The livestock judging team consisted of Olivia Garza, Victoria Juarez, Dallas Holcomb, McKenna Tschirhart, Tori French, Kylie Marty, Logan Echtle, Silia Lopez, Brynnlee Mickelson, Case Henrich, Chesney Vogt, Savannah Persyn, Emily Hecker, Madisen Davila, and Tristan Zinsmeyer. They placed 1st in District, 3rd in Area, and 15th at State.

Dairy Judging - The team consisted of Kailey Joy, Kevin Keeter, Dezerae Agne, Gracie Ricord, Madison Haby, Allison Johnson, Ashlee Riff, and Amanda Keller. They placed 1st in District, 3rd in Area, and 20th at State. The dairy cattle team was coached by Retired Ag Science Teacher, Mr. James Hodges. Thank you for continued support of ag education, Mr. Hodges.

Veterinary Science - The veterinary science team consisted of Michayla Chaffin, Maximus Dimas, Julianna Davidson, Ashlyn Persyn, Mariah Persyn, Julian Castro, Valerie Gomez, Samantha Copeland, Caylee Schumann, and Kiley Winkler. They placed 1st in District and 13th in Area.

Milk Quality Products - The team consisted of Faith Pamatian, Essence Cummings, Kayden Faseler, Sarah Hernandez, James Alvarado, Veronica Garcia, and Dane McCluskey. They placed 1st in District, 5th in Area, and 10th at State.

Food Science - The team consisted of Susanna Livingston, Mikayla Carroll, Dallas Bull, and Morgan Edens. The team placed 1st in District, 3rd in Area, and 12th at State.

Agronomy - The agronomy team consisted of Meredith Vincent, Miranda Vincent, Jensen Griffin, Madalyne Villarreal, and Katelyn Bodiford. They placed 1st in District, 7th in Area, and 15th at State. The agronomy team was coached by Texas Tech Student Teacher, Mr. Colton Pouncy.

Cotton Judging - The cotton team consisted of Pablo Sandoval, Trey Kauffmann, and Ryan Simpton. They placed 2nd in District and 3rd in Area.

Horse Judging - The horse judging team consisted of Eileen Zinsmeister, Sofia Lozano, Garrett Hoak, Joel Ortiz, Savana Meyer, Zachary Lozano, Taylor Bendele, Amy Zinsmeister, Arianna Suniga, Hannah Vierling, Reagan Aldridge, and Ariann Harvey. They placed 1st in District and 4th in Area, and 4th at State. The horse judging team won the world’s largest horse judging invitational at Tarleton State University and was awarded a $1,000 scholarship. The horse judging team has selected Dallas Bull as the recipient of their $1,000 scholarship to Tarleton State University! Dallas, please come forward to receive your scholarship certificate. The horse judging team also earned the Texas Horse Cup for being ranked 1st by for winning the most competitions in the entire state!

Homesite Evaluation - The homesite evaluation team consisted of Ainsley Burns, Amy Zinsmeister, Matthew Sapp, Eileen Zinsmeister, and Joel Ortiz. The team placed 2nd in District, 3rd in Area, 2nd at State, and 9th at Nationals.

Extemporaneous Speaking - Olivia Garza placed 5th in District.

Prepared Public Speaking - Macy Livingston placed 1st in District and 2nd in Area with her ag tech and communication speech, James Howard placed 2nd in District and 5th in Area with his soil stewardship speech, Katelyn Bodiford placed 1st in District and 4th in Area with her natural resources speech, Zachary Lozano placed 2nd in District with his agribusiness speech, Savannah Persyn placed 2nd in District with her animal science speech, Amy Zinsmeister placed 3rd in District with her ag policy speech, and Rylee Burkholder placed 3rd in District in the junior prepared speaking category.


UIL Marching Contest

2nd division – Excellent Ratings

TMEA Region Band Auditions

Lilly Carnes, 2nd chair oboe

Lilia Martinez Patino, 3rd chair oboe

Zayah Hough, 1st chair clarinet

Grace Simonson, 2nd chair clarinet

Nathaniel Martin, 11th chair clarinet

Cristian Cruz, 3rd chair tuba

Tyler Oberhauser, 6th chair percussion

Winter Drum Line

The Winter Drum Line placed 6th at the TECA State Championships this

past weekend at Calallen High School. The drum line did take 1st place in

the Music-Effect caption of the contest. Congratulations on finishing strong!

Winter Guard

TECA-Madison Contest, the MVHS JV Winter Guard earned 3rd place after

being promoted to a higher class to Scholastic Regional AA, and the MVHS

Varsity Winter Guard earned 2nd place in Scholastic Open Class.

At the North Zone Championships, the Varsity Guard did take 3rd Place.

UIL Solo and Ensemble

Students who qualified for state

Clarinet soloist-Koree Valencia

Marimba Soloist-Allie Tschirhart

Piano Soloist-Tyler Oberhauser

Flute Trio-Esmeralda Gatica, Natalie Hickman, and Mia Hinojosa

Clarinet Trio-Zayah Hough, Nate Martin, and Grace Simonson

Saxophone Quartet- Alyssa Gaitan, Angelica Mendez, Brady Swan, Emily


French Horn Trio-Noemi Rodriguez, Kendra Smith, and Andrea Timmons

Euphonium/Tuba Quartet-Brianna Garcia, Andrea Ortiz, Giovanna Ruiz,

and Kimberly Schaad

Percussion Ensemble-Rocio Estus, Jessica Garza, Joshua Hendrickson,

Mia Ngiraingas, Tyler Oberhauser, and Nathan Ramos

UIL Concert and Sight Reading

Concert Band – 1st division in concert and 1st division in sight reading

Symphonic Band - 1st division in concert and 1st division in sight reading

ATHLETICS 2018-2019 Year in Review


The 2018 varsity volleyball season was one for the record books. The girls went 29-9 for the season setting a school record for most wins in a season After a nine year drought they also managed to win an epic come from behind playoff game against Alamo Heights. The program will miss the three seniors that will be graduating but it looking forward to bigger and better things in the upcoming season.

District 28-5A All-District Selections

Offensive MVP - Kamryn Griggs

First Team All-District - Madison Gates, Christine Tschirhart

Second Team All-District - Meghan Haan, Hannah Hurtado

Honorable Mention - Taylor DeWitt, Spencer McCool, Madalynn Sanchez

Academic All-District - Taylor DeWitt, Olivia Garza, Madison Gates, Kamryn Griggs, Meghan Haan, Hannah Hurtado, Spencer McCool, Haylie Mitchell, Sierra Nehr, Madalynn Sanchez, Kyla Solis, Christine Tschirhart

Volleyball Superlatives

2018 TCGA 5A Academic All-State - Madison Gates and Christine Tschirhart

2018 5A All-Area Team - Kamryn Griggs

The 2018 season for the JV Volleyball team was filled with triumph, love and determination. The girls worked hard every single day to improve not only individually but also as a team. Our overall record was 18-10 and our district record was 11-5. It was an amazing and fulfilling year that won't be forgotten soon.

The freshman team rounded out their 2018 season this year with an amazing record! The girls worked hard throughout the year and got better individually and as a team each day. The overall record for district this year for the freshman volleyball team was 15-2, only losing to Harlan, and the overall season record, including tournaments, was 22-5. We are so proud of all of our teams and look forward to what we have in the coming years! The hard work and stellar work ethic that come from this freshman group is obvious. The girls have achieved so much this year and are working to get better as they move up and on next year!

Cross Country

The boys and girls cross country teams (Varsity, JV, and Freshman) all were District Champions! Macy Livingston was the District 28-5A and Region 4-5A Cross Country Champion. Macy represented Medina Valley High School at the State Cross Country Meet finishing in the top 1/3 of 186 runners. Congratulations to the entire XC team and coaches on an outstanding year.


The Panther football finished the 2018 season with a 7-4 overall record and a 5-2 record in District 14-5A. The Panthers finished tied for 2nd in district and lost in the Bi-District playoffs to the Glenn Grizzlies.

The Junior Varsity football team finished with a record of 7-3 overall and 6-1 in district.

The Freshman football team finished with an overall record of 5-4-1.

2018 DEFENSE All- District Selections:

1st Team - Steele Perry DL, Isaac Santos DE, Grant Snider LB, Dawson Groff OLB, Dante Henry CB, Cole Modgling Utility

2nd Team - Trace Ferguson DL, Dylan Fillinger DE, Taylor Weir LB, Charlie Marsh OLB, Chris Lopez CB, Tannor Bippert CB

2018 OFFENSE All-District Selections:

Offensive Lineman MVP - Spencer Payne

1st Team - Aaron Sotelo TE, Garrett Leggitt WR, Edward Roya OL, Josh Valenzuela OL, James Gipson RB, Logan Masters Utility

2nd Team - Alek Child QB

2018 Academic All-State

1st Team - WR Ryan McCauley

2nd Team - Trainer Cora Christensen, DE Dylan Fillinger, CB Chris Lopez, RB Jacob Salas

Honorable Mention - QB Alek Child, TE Aaron Sotelo

2018 Academic All-District (90 or above Average)

Seniors - Alek Child, Dylan Fillinger, Dante Henry, Chris Lopez, Trey Marty, Logan Masters, Josh McAllister, Ryan McCauley, Isaac Moreno, Joel Ortiz, Jacob Salas, Aaron Sotelo

Juniors - Mason Doyon, Dawson Groff, Zach Hecker, Zach Lawyer, Charlie Marsh, Diego Morales, Spencer Payne, Ezekiel Villafane, Taylor Weir

Sophomores - Kaiden Hernandez, Jared Marty

2018 Express-News All Area Team - Spencer Payne OL

Defensive Lineman Steele Perry was selected and played in the 2019 San Antonio Sports All-Star Football Game!


The 2018-2019 Swim season was one of new endeavors, not just for the district, but for the athletes as well. Much to the surprise of many, a total of 43 students landed a spot on the team as either Varsity, JV, practice team, and even manager. The season went better than any could have expected for the first time venturing into uncharted waters.

The 20 person strong Varsity team dominated in many events, specifically relays, and quickly became the talk of the area schools. A few stand-out individual swimmers were also pointed out at meets by other coaches. The swimmers set and broke personal records all season and many improved by dropping seconds and, in the case of the 500 Freestyle, a whole minute off their initial times.

The team was even more excited to cheer on their own as they qualified for regionals this year, and again, other teams were talking about how Medina Valley has excelled in the first year with a program. The Women’s Varsity Medley Relay team, and two individual swimmers participating in the 200 individual medley and the 100 butterfly traveled to regionals and placed within the top 20 in their events (Relay #13, 200 IM #12, 100 fly #14 mens, #18 womens).

These 43 students athletes have impressed the district, the region, and their own home campus with what they accomplished this year. We look forward to great things in the future of Medina Valley Swim.

Girl's Basketball

2018-2019 Team Highlights

Varsity Girls Basketball- Overall Record of 24-14

-2nd place in district


-2nd Place in the Harlandale Tournamant

-2nd Place in the Silver Bracket at the Floresville Tournament

-Consolation Champions for the Hondo Tournament

JV Girls Basketball- Overall Record of 24 - 0

-Undefeated district champions

-1st Place in the Pearsall Tournament

Freshmen Girls Basketball- Overall Record of 19 - 5

-2nd Place in District

-Consolation Champions for the Pearsall Tournament

2018-2019 28-5A All-District Selections for Medina Valley

Defensive Player of the Year: Paityn Kinnett

Newcomer of the Year: Ileana Morales

1st Team- Addie Guinther

2nd Team- MaKenzee DeCock and Kaylyn Persyn

Honorable Mention- Katie Burris

Academic All-District - Katie Burris, Jasmine Cerda, Michayla Chaffin, MaKenzee DeCock, Kamryn Griggs, Addie Guinther, Malorri James, Paityn Kinnett, Clarissa Ortega, Kaylyn Persyn

5A ExpressNews All-Area Team - Paityn Kinnett

Boy's Basketball

The Varsity Boys team finished the season with an overall record of 17-14, and district overall record of 10-6. The Boys final game was a Bi-district playoff loss to San Antonio Sam Houston.

2018-2019 28-5A All-District Selections for Medina Valley

1st Team All-District - Sam Champlin and Brayden Haney

2nd Team All-District - James Gipson and Ryan McCauley

Honorable Mention All-District - Aaron Sotelo and Zachary Roberson

Academic All-District - Dante Henry, Alec Child, PJ Gordon, Brayden Haney, Ryan McCauley, Tanner Haby and Aaron Sotelo

Academic All-State - Ryan McCauley, Aaron Sotelo, Tanner Haby, Dante Henry, Alec Child and PJ Gorden

5A ExpressNews All-Area Team - Sam Champlin

JV Boys Basketball

The Junior Varsity basketball team ended the season with an overall record of 11-15. In district play their record was 9-7. The boys made great strides throughout the season and the coaches are proud of their hard work and dedication.

Freshman Boys Basketball

The Freshmen basketball team ended the season with a record of 16-6. They participated in the Somerset Tournament and went 4-0 to win this tournament. In district play, the Freshmen went 11-5, ending the season on a four game winning streak. The boys showed massive improvement from Day 1 until the last game of the season. The future is bright for this class of 9th grade basketball players if they keep working hard and getting better every day

Girl's Power Lifting

We had a great Powerlifting season where lifters improved and achieved to their best of their abilities. The girls were 3rd Place at the Southwest Legacy, 3rd place at Randolph, & 2nd place at the Medina Valley meet.

Regional Qualifiers were as follows:

Mikayla Carroll

Bianca Jijon

Lesksi Martinez

State Qualifiers:

Mikayla Carroll - 8th in State

Bianca Jijon- -17th place

Boy's Power Lifting

The Boys Powerlifting team had an exceptional year of improvement and achievment. We attended 7 meets this season and received 5 team Championship trophies. The Boys finishes included wins at the Natalia, SW Legacy, Randolph, Medina Valley, & East Central meets. Two Second place finishes were both at the Holy Cross meets.

We had 6 Boys Regional Qualifiers:

Isaac Moreno

Fabian Bazan- Silver Medalists - Region V-Division 1 Meet

Josh Valenzuela

Josh Bazan

Diego Morales

Spencer Payne

Boys State Qualifiers:

Fabian Bazan- State Champion- 132 wt. Class

Spencer Payne- 9th place- 242 Wt. Class

Isaac Moreno- 17th place- 114 Wt. Class

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Girl's Soccer

Varsity Soccer

The Lady Panthers began the season right after Thanksgiving Break, and you could tell we were going to have a special season. The ladies finished the non-district season 6-2, riding a 3 game winning streak in to district. The winning did not stop there finishing district with a record of 13-1-2 and claiming a share of the District title. Next up was the play-offs, the ladies took on SA Jefferson winning 2-1 becoming Bi-District champions which hasn’t been done in 5 years. Unfortunately, the season came to an end against Boerne Champion in the Area round, and although our season ended earlier than we would have liked, they did a great job of representing our school and community.

District MVP- Audra Clark

1st team All-District: Brianna Peterson, Ellie Smith, Jordan Faragoza, Alee Schott

2nd Team All-District: Tori Juarez, Kylie Marty, Cora Christensen, Peyten Wanat

Honorable Mention All-District: Kelci Seay, Reagan Lewis, Amber Lally

Academic All-State: Cora Christensen, Brianna Peterson, Ellie Smith

All- Area: Audra Clark and Brianna Peterson

JV Soccer

Congratulations to the Lady Panthers JV Team. They finished the year 12-1-1 and won at least a share of the district championship. These young ladies did a great job this year!

Boy's Soccer

Varsity Soccer

The Panthers Boys’ Varsity team started off the 2018-2019 season by winning the SAISD Silver Bracket Championship. The Panthers also finished 4th in the Harlandale tournament and Jose Suarez was selected to the All-Tournament Team. The Panthers finished 6th in district play. 5 of the 9 losses in district where by 1 goal. Overall Record: 10-13-2 District: 6-9-1. Panther defense recorded 7 shutouts on the year. Offensive standouts were Cade Thayer with 13 goals and Jose Suarez with 16 assists.

1st Team All-District - Jose Suarez, Pablo Sandoval

2nd Team All-District - Clayton Vogel, Cade Thayer, Case Henrich

Honorable Mention All-District - Jacob Seay, Jacob Castro, Gustavo Salas

Academic All-District - Taylor Davidson, Reinen Garcia, Jose Suarez, Clayton Vogel, Austin Pinedo, Jacob Castro, Case Henrich, Aaron Ledesma, Gustavo Salas, Pablo Sandoval, Brendan Carty, Jose Rodriguez, Jacob Seay

Academic All-State - Clayton Vogel, Taylor Davidson

JV Soccer

The Medina Valley boys’ JV soccer team finished off an impressive 2019 campaign.

Although small in number, the scrappy unit put together an impressive 13-5-1 overall record, and a 9-4-1 district record. Only two teams in district were able to best the Panthers, Southwest and Harlan high schools on both meetings with each school. The team’s record is impressive considering this year’s JV squad was comprised largely of freshman players in their first year of high school competition.

Individual standouts on the junior varsity squad included sophomores Gabe Human (16 goals/4 assists), Vicente Gonzales (12 goals/9 assists), Nate Marasigan (7 goals/5 assists), and Max De La Cruz (1 goal/1 assist). Among the productive freshman on the team were Travis Barton (3 goals/2 assists), Ramiro Moreno (3 goals), David Garcia (1 goal/3 assists), and Orlando Mireles (1 assist). Junior goalkeeper Eric Klesel even added to the scoring with 1 goal and 1 assist.

The Panther’s defensive players contributed their part to the success of the team, primarily consisting of defenders Lionel Perez, Jose Vega, Chris Hernandez, Glenn Machen, Miguel Solis, Payton Homann, and Oscar Duarte, along with goalkeepers Eric Klesel and Michael Tomaselli. This tough defensive unit gave up a total of 29 goals this season, which is an average of 1.5 goals per game, and recorded 6 shutouts in their 19 matches.

We are very proud of all of the young men that contributed to the success of our junior varsity program, and we look forward to their continued success and dedication to the Medina Valley soccer program. The boys always showed class and never gave up in the face of adversity, and their record is proof of their tenacious commitment to improvement. Thank you boys for an enjoyable season.


Tennis had a very successful season, returning to Regionals for the first time in quite a few years. Our 2 strongest teams were the Mixed Doubles Team of Allie Tschirhart and Tyler Oberhauser, they won first at 5 out of 7 tournaments this season and were the Mixed Doubles District Champions. The senior girls doubles team of Megan Gallegos and Taylor Dewitt had a slow start to their season but ending up winning 2 tournaments then getting 2nd place at District. Both teams fought hard but lost in the first round at Regionals.

Girl's and Boy's Golf

It was a very successful golf season with both girls and boys golf teams finishing as District Champions and Regional Qualifiers. Individually, Gabriela McNelly defended her district championship from the year before by winning district again this year. She also finished 3rd at regionals qualifying for state for the 2nd consecutive season. She finished 16th overall at the state tournament. Autumn Bjorklund wrapped up a great season finishing in 2nd place at district and 13th overall at the Regional tournament. Hannah Dowell was 5th place at district and Bailey Matsumura finished in 10th overall in district. Gabriela, Autumn, and Hannah finished 1st team all-district and Bailey was 2nd Team All-district. On the boys side, Brayden McHazlett finished in 4th at district and 32nd at Regionals. Alexander Roth finished in 4th overall at district. Luke Kreiger and Connor Haby finished in a tie for 10th place at the district tournament. Brayden and Alexander were 1st team all district and Luke and Connor finished 2nd team all-district.

Girl's Track

JV Girls: Won 2 of 5 meets

Varsity Girls: Won 2 of 7 meets

District results 27-5A - 19 Area Qualifiers (5 District Champions)

The JV girls placed 2nd overall in district competition.

Varsity girls placed 2nd overall in district competition.

Area Meet Results - 14 Regional Qualifiers (4 Area Champions)

Girls Team Area Runner Up

Boy's Track

JV Boys: Won 5 of 5 meets

Varsity Boys: Won 6 of 7 meets

District results 27-5A - 17 Area Qualifers (5 District Champions)

JV Boys: Team District Champions

Varsity Boys: Team District Champions

Area Meet Results - 15 Regional Qualifers (7 Area Champions)

Varsity Boys Team Area Champions

Regional Meet Results - 1 State Qualifier

State Meet Results: Logan Masters placed 7th


The Panthers ended the season as District Champions (16-1) and Regional Quarterfinal finalists with a tremendous record of 34-4.

District pitcher of the year: Ashley DeCock, senior

District newcomer of the year: Madison Guerrero, freshman

District offensive player of the year: Katie Burris, sophomore

1st Team All-District:

Christine Tschirhart, senior

Emily Friesenhahn, Junior

Trista Miller, Sophomore

2nd Team All-District:

Trystan Benke, Junior

Cassidy Brawley, Senior

Honorable Mention:

Jadelynn Manriquez, senior

Gabriella Salazar, Junior

Gabrielle Cancino, Freshman

Academic All-district

Christine Tschirhart, sr.

Cassidy Brawley, sr.

Trystan Benke, jr

Gabrielle Cancino, Fr

Kyrstan Stivors, jr.

Ashley DeCick, sr

Taylor Chester, jr

Katie Burris, so.

Madison Winecoff, jr

Madison Guerrero, fr

Emily Friesenhahn, jr

JV Softball

The 2019 JV softball team had an incredible season finishing the season undefeated. The team won both tournaments that they were entered in and won the JV district championship. Numerous great pitching performances from pitchers, Madison Haby and Madison Sotelo, led the Panthers to an amazing season


The Varsity Baseball team finished their year as the TMI Tournament Champs, Co-District Champs, Bi-District Champs, Area Champs, and Regional Quarter-Finalists. They compiled a 22-8 record on the year.

1st Team All-District

Garrett Leggitt 1B

Dylan Fillinger Utility

Grant Snider Catcher

Cole Modgling OF

Charlie Marsh 2B

Mason Doyon P

2nd Team All-District

JJ Marty P

Honorable Mention All-District

Zach Hecker P

Aaron Sotelo Utility

Tannor Bippert SS

Trey Marty OF

Tristan Coker OF

Cole Modgling and Garrett Leggitt participated in the San Antonio Area Coaches Association All-Star Game.

Garrett Leggitt and Dylan Fillinger participated in the Valley-Hi Optimist All-Star Game at the Tejeda Complex.

Mason Doyon and Charlie Marsh participated in the Texas Showcase All-Star Game for Juniors @ Wolff Stadium

The JV finished the year with a 14-4-1 record. They were the Uvalde JV Tournament runner-ups.

The Freshmen finished the year with an 11-6 record.

College Signees

EXCEL Kens5 Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Mrs. Lee for being selected as the Kens5 Excel Teacher of the Year for the District.

View the article here:

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Senior Class of 2019

Senior Walk at the Football Game


Valedictorian and Salutatorian

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Senior PAWS and Scholarship

Dozens of Seniors were honored as Honor graduates and more than $2.1 million in scholarship awards were recognized for the class of 2019! Culture of Excellence!

Car Give-away

Congratulations MVHS Senior Bianca J. for winning the NEW CAR donated by North Park Chevrolet Castroville!
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Senior Picnic

MVHS Hall of Fame

427 MVHS Students were Recognized by the Texas Education Agency for Mastering content in the areas of Algebra-I, Algebra-II, Biology, ELA-I, ELA-II, ELA-III, or US History in 2018. These 427 students were inducted into the MVHS Academic Hall of Fame. We expect even more will be recognized once all results are in for 2019. Congratulations to all!

Alcaraz, Justin; Allen, Dylan; Alvarado, Christina; Alvizo, Jamie; Anderson, Miraclyn; Arguelles, Sophia; Arroyo, Amaris; Arroyos, Clara; Baca, Jacob; Barclay, Brianna; Barrera, Josephine; Barrera, Victoria; Barrientes, Luke; Barron, Esai; Barton, Jacob; Barton, Megan; Bazan, Fabian; Beasley, Sara; Bednarek, Jenna; Belcher, Ryan; Bell, Audrey; Bendele, Taylor; Benke, Trystan; Biediger, Reagan; Billalobos, Isaiah; Birkholz, Brennah; Bodiford, Katelyn; Botello, Ashley; Bowen, Abigail; Braly, Mekayla; Brawley, Cassidy; Brinson, Erin; Bull, Dallas; Burkholder, Rylee; Burlingame, Alyssa; Burns, Ainsley; Burrell, Alexis; Burris, Katelyn; Cadena, Kendra; Campos, Dietrich; Campos, Hailie; Carian, Andrew; Carnes, Lilly; Carrasco, Ramon; Carrion, Leroy; Carroll, Mikayla; Carty, James; Carty, Rihan; Castelan, Destiny; Castiglione, Marin; Castillo, Edward; Castro, Jacob; Castro, Julian; Chaffin, Michayla; Champlin, Samuel; Chao, Alexandra; Chappie, Ashley; Chesser, Mason; Chester, Taylor; Child, Alek; Christensen, Cora; Christilles, Lane; Clamon, Luke; Clark, Audra; Clark, Chassidi; Clark, Jasira; Coker, Tristan; Coldewey, Alexa; Collins, Christian; Colon Camacho, Margie; Cooper, Dominick; Copeland, Morgan; Corliss, Blake; Corliss, Hunter; Coyle, Trevor; Cram, Andrew; Crutchfield, Brendan; Cruz, Cristian; Cruz, D'Anthony; Cruz, Lysette; Cude, Kristen; Cummings, Essence; Curiel, Angela; Dailey, Grace; Davidson, Damon; Davidson, Julianna; Davidson, Taylor; Davis, Amber; Davis, Corey; Davis, Jacob; Davis, Kaitlyn; De La Fuente, Devin; De La Garza Cortez, Adrian; Decock, Ashley; Devore, Kayla; Dickerson, Annabelle; Dickinson, Garrett; Dimas, Maximus; Dodd, Scott; Dominguez, Cristian; Dowell, Hannah; Downes, Kierian; Duncan, Ander; Duncan, Trinity; Edens, Morgan; Edstrom, Skyler; Eguia, Khiana; Egwu, Naomi; Ellison, Thomas; Espinoza, Seth; Essary, Nickolye; Evers, Leanne; Faseler, Kayden; Favela, Caleb; Flanagan, Raegan; Fleming, Dellanie; Forrest, Mason; Franke, Hailey; French, Tori; Friesenhahn, Kaleb; Fuentes, Austin; Gallegos, Megan; Gallegos, Nathaniel; Garcia, Brianna; Garcia, Cristian; Garcia, Ivan; Garcia, Jose; Garcia, Reinen; Garcia, Serina; Garst, Trevor; Garza, Garrison; Garza, Matthew; Garza, Olivia; Gates, Madison; Gerdes, Micah; Gilkes, Rain; Gloria, Cameron; Gonzales, Brianna; Gonzalez, Sarah; Gorden, Philip; Graves, Russell; Green, Abbie; Greene, Nathan; Griggs, Britan; Guerra, Xylen; Guinn, Sara; Guinther, Addison; Gunn, Divinity; Haan, Meghan; Haby, Ernest; Haby, Tanner; Hamilton, Annsly; Harding, Jarrett; Harris, Cole; Harvey, Ariann; Haynes Aelvoet, Camryn; Haynes Aelvoet, Sydney; Hecker, Emily; Hecker, Sara; Hecker, Zachary; Hendrickson, Joshua; Henry, Dante; Hernandez, Brenda; Hernandez, Elias; Hernandez, Elisa; Hernandez, Jabnel; Hernandez, Jordan; Hernandez, Sarah; Hernandez, Seth; Hernandez, Tomas; Hernandez, Zachary; Hickman, Natalie; Hinojosa, Mia; Hoak, Garrett; Hodges, Thomas; Hoffman, Arion; Hogan, Joshua; Hollander, Tristyn; Holloman, Jordan; Homann, Hayden; Hough, Zayah; Howard, James; Huron, Clemie; Huron, Hannah; Hurtado, Hannah; Hutchins, Taylor; Ingram, Daniel; Ingram, Devan; James, Malorri; Jasso, Jordan; Jones, Shaun; Juarez, Victoria; Kaniaupio, Katelyn; Kasim, Aya; Kauffmann, Frank; Keller, Dorian; Kindred, Karlee; Kinnett, Dylan; Kinnett, Paityn; Klesel, Eric; Kraus, Soren; Krieger, Luke; Lally, Amber; Lara Gutierrez, Daniela; Lawyer, Zachary; Leal, Maximo; Ledesma, Carissa; Leggitt, Garrett; Levario, Madeleine; Lewis, Reagan; Livingston, Macy; Livingston, Susanna; Lopez, Christopher; Lopez, Izaiah; Lowrey, Daniella; Ludwig, Tyler; Luna, Francisco; Lunsford, Autumn; Madrid, Natasha; Maine, Kelsey; Maldonado, Keara; Maldonado, Lazarus; Mangum, Tyler; Marin, Jacob; Marsh, Charles; Martin, Nathaniel; Martinez Patino, Lilia; Martinez, Agatha Jemimah; Martinez, Alexander; Martinez, Cesar; Martinez, Julissa; Marty, Trey; Mason, Adrian; Massey-Reyes, Oceanna; Masters, Kayla; Masters, Logan; Matsumura, Bailey; Matthews, Jada; Matthews, Kailys; Mauldin, Jacob; Mayfield, Miranda; Mayorga, Arianna; McAllister, Joshua; McCauley, Ryan; McCray, Iverson; McHazlett, Brayden; Mechler, Dalton; Mechler, Klinton; Medina, Alex; Mellon, Isaiah; Mendez, Angelica; Mendoza, Justus; Meyer, Savana; Miller, Abigail; Miller, Trista; Miller, Yancey; Millis, Kate; Mills, Emma; Montero, Susana; Morales Loya, Diego; Moreno, Derrick; Moreno, Isaac; Moreno, Isaiah; Mueller, Abigail; Muzquiz, Clarissa; Myers, Devin; Navarrette, Cy; Navarro, Eric; Navarro, Maria; Nehr, Sierra; Newman, Jason; Ngiraingas, Mia; Noakes, Mackenzie; Oberhauser, Tyler; Olalde, Natalie; Ortiz, Adam; Ortiz, April; Ortiz, Joel; Paez, Alexandra; Pardo, Noah; Parker, Madison; Parker, Timothy; Parkhurst, Victoria; Parkhurst-Corcoran, Isabell; Patterson, Anthony; Pena, Erik; Perez, Giovanni; Perez, Lionel; Perron, Hailey; Persyn, Ashlyn; Persyn, Mariah; Petersen, Julia; Peterson, Brianna; Pinedo, Austin; Ponton, Liam; Przybylski, Gavin; Pulido, Angelina; Pulido, Trina Jazmin; Purdy, Emyrson; Ramirez, Daniel; Ramirez, Marcus; Ramirez, Miguel; Ramos, Hector; Rangel, Hailey; Raygosa, Noah; Reddell, Dominic; Regalado, Xavier; Reyes, Anthony; Reyes, Matthew; Rihn, Julia; Rios, Agapito; Ripps, Nicholas; Rivas, Osvaldo; Rivera, Frankie; Roberson, Corey; Roberson, Zachary; Rocha, Alex; Rodriguez, Christopher; Rodriguez, Jose; Romero, Andrew; Romo, Brenton; Rose, Joshua; Rossett, Giovanni; Roth, Alexander; Roth, Shirley; Roth, Stacey; Roya, Edward; Ruiz, Giorgette; Ruiz, Giovanna; Rushing, Nicholas; Ruston, Garyn; Ryan, Matthew; Rymers, Ambrose; Saenz, Lorenzo; Salas Perez, Armando; Salas, Andrew; Salas, Jacob; Salazar, Gabriella; Salzman, Payton; Sanchez Cortez, Sendy; Sanchez, Paige; Sanchez, Samuel; Sandoval, Pablo; Santillan, Zelah; Santos, Orlando; Sarver, Madelynn; Saucedo, Jorge; Saulter, Kyle; Savage, Paxton; Schneider, Kaitlyn; Schott, Alexandra; Schott, Makenzie; Schrecker, Shelby; Schwarz, Westin; Simonson, Grace; Smith, Ellie; Smith, Evan; Smith, Kira; Smith, Nolon; Smith, Stormie; Snider, Gracelyn; Solis, Kyla; Sotelo, Madison; Southiseng, Aaron; Spicer, Caesar; Spicer, Jasmine; Stephens, Savannah; Stivors, Kyrstan; Strangmeier, Chloe; Stuart, Seth; Suarez, Jose; Suehs, Connor; Swan, Kayla; Tait, Priscilla; Tarvin, Joe; Taupier, Courtney; Tello, Robert; Thoele, Allyssa; Timmons, Andrea; Todd, Jonathan; Tolbert, Kayla; Tondre, Kathryn; Torres, Daniella; Torres, Ester; Torres, Michael; Touchstone, Justin; Trevino, Chassidy; Tschirhart, Allie; Tschirhart, Christine; Tschirhart, Hannah; Tschirhart, Sabrina; Tschirhart, William; Turner, Matthew; Valencia-Vasquez, Koree; Valenzuela, Joshua; Valtierra, Violet; Van Leeuwen, Amira; Vasquez, Junessa; Velazquez, Trinity; Vera, Yulisa; Vierling, Hannah; Villafane, Ezekiel; Villafane, Gianmarcos; Villanueva, Aaron; Villarreal, Francisco; Villarreal, Lucille; Vogel, Clayton; Vonderharr, Emily; Walton, Nathaniel; Wanat, Peyten; Webb, Kassidee; Weirich, Kyle; Wells, Miranda; Whitley, Abbey; Whitley, Allison; Williams, Joshua; Wilson, Jolie; Winecoff, Madison; Winkler, Jett; Winters, Kinsey; Winters, Landon; Youngblood, Gregory; Zertuche, Salexis; Zinsmeister, Eileen; Zinsmeyer, Abigail; Zinsmeyer, Carl; Zinsmeyer, Pilar

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Important Upcoming Dates

June 17th-20th - STAAR Re-Testing Tutoring

June 24th - ELA 1 STAAR Re-Testing 8:00 AM

June 25th - Algebra 1 STAAR Re-Testing 8:00 AM

June 26th - ELA 2 STAAR Re-Testing 8:00 AM

June 27th - US History and Biology Re-Testing 8:00 AM

August 13th and 14th - High School Prep Days (more details to follow)

August 21st - Prep Days Make-Up (more details to follow)

August 27th - First Day of School